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Bring back the green screen and the newscaster feel, please. I do NOT want a Giant Bomb style day-in-the-office. You can get far more news faster in the same timeframe with a prepared statement, without worrying about cuts or perfection. This conversational style is bleh.

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I spend about 200 to 400 USD a month on PREVIEWS orders. I have the dispensable cash in which to make large purchases, even double-buying TPBs of comics that I have and own the single issues of. I'd say about half the amount of every order is single-issue comics.

I also do grab questionable digital copies of comics, but have also evaluated the various official digital alternatives available. Comixology (and the like) aren't winners because they don't offer day-and-date, every comic I'm interested in, or entire series' runs. They're not stocking the shelves with what I want. Even when they do have a comic I'm interested in, I really really really hated the lame ass panel animations - that's not how I want to read a comic, and most comic pages are laid out *as a page*, not necessarily as a panel.

Marvel Comics has an interesting approach - I've called it the "Netflix of comics" because of the monthly fee vs. the issue fee. But, again, it's not stocking the shelves with what I want.

I *will* be ordering some DC digital comics (and note that I've already preordered PREVIEWS "one of every new 52" line item, as well as an extra copy of the bundled JLA with digital code). But, quite frankly, if DC doesn't offer me the same capabilities that I get with digital comics of other more nefarious avenues, it's not going to fly. I don't want panel animations. I don't want to BUY ACCESS to comics, I want to BUY COMICS. Unless DC gives me a digital *copy* of the comic, that I can archive and store forever (like I do with my physical comics), I just don't trust that I'm not going to get screwed ten years from now when I want to reread a comic. And if anyone's been following my Twitter account or ComicVine lists, I *love to reread comics*.

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Confirmed - happening to me too.

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Gah. I thought I was gonna be able to finish all these quests up today during the in-law downtime. Annoying that they're disabled now.

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Ordered from Amazon! I wonder how much overlap they'll be with the DK Encyclopedia.

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@Korg and @Darkchild:  As an alternative to putting your Vertigo books together in a single list, you can also make a new Comic Vine list for just your Vertigo books. The new Comic Vine allows you to throw multiple lists together into one Comic Vineyard collection. 
@Korg:  So, if there are 134 issues in a volume, and you have 45, you'd want to see something that says "Owned: 45/134" or some such? That's easy enough to do and I'll add it to the TODO list. "Statistics" is a general thing I'm planning to add in 1.2 along with the other theme tweaks I'd be doing. They're quick tweaks and should fit nicely into the time I'll be waiting in the Cataclysm server queues ;)
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@Darkchild said:
" @Morbus: I thought tht by plcing LOC@TION 1 would put the comics in the first slot nd so on. does it not do it th@t w@y  re@son i s@y this is id like to put @ll my vertigo titles in one @re@ rther thn spred out "
Gotcha. Currently, the "location" tag is simply an indicator of where the comic is in your house. My numbers represent long boxes, though I also have some magazine-sized volumes on my shelf, so I use "S1". Someone else could use "longbox 3" or "basement corner, 7" or whatever. The values have no control over the volume's final placement in the rendered list. The only thing that currently does control their placement in the render is the volume's actual location in the Comic Vine list: if you wanted all your Vertigo titles together, you could move them all together in the list itself. 
I don't have anything on my current todo list to allow better control over their placement in the rendered list - the only thing related is to "alphabetize" all the volume names (primarily useful for long lists that you don't want to organize manually, or a person who is merging together multiple Comic Vine lists into one Comic Vineyard collection). If you have some suggestions, I'm all ears.
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@Darkchild said:
" effing hell still didnt work "
Could you define "didn't work"? The extent that it does work - that "Location: 1" appears under a comic volume's title - seems to be working properly in your latest render. That's all it does, at the moment. How would you want it to work differently? I'm all ears!
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@Darkchild: Heh, heh, no worries.
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@Darkchild: You're using  "142-530 LOCATION 1". You want "142-530; LOCATION: 1" instead - the semicolon and colon are important.