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As an FYI, it looks like Comixology has just updated their copy of Justice League 1, and it fixes all the dialogue differences I've previously noted.

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@Boyling: Yeah, my biggest concern is that there's no actual impetus for them to fix it - I've told a bunch of people about it, posted it in a few places, and no one seems to really care. That doesn't bode well for THEM to care, which will keep me happily on the side of physical comics. If they're going to change stuff in the digital versions, I don't want 'em.

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Did anyone notice the differences between the digital version from Comixology and the actual print version? I'm trying to reconcile if the digital version was different because it was a pre-release (the accidental selling of it on Monday and Tuesday, compared to the officially released one just an hour ago) or what... Comparing the two:

  • After exiting plane, Green Lantern jokes "Talk in a deep voice?" in print, but not in the digital version.
  • In the same scene, Batman's phrase starting with "Lantern!" is different in print to web.
  • In the sewers, they whisper (smaller font) about the mech, but in digital, it's normal speaking.