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 Name: Julia (Last name unknown)
Alias: Moonshayde 
Age:  15
Hair Color: Blackish blue with some white. (Body is also covered with blue fur)
Eye color: yellow  

Julia was born with blue fur covered skin and yellow eye's along with her older brother. Her parents, ashamed of their children, kept them from the world, and never allowed the two, to go out in public, unless it was for Halloween. Even though her parents did that, they always showed love for the two. During the civil war (when she was 13) she was captured by the capekillers and the initiative, becoming a prisoner of the war. While imprisoned her parents were killed, whom where at the time,  trying to save her. When things seemed to be at their worst she was suddenly rescued by a feral monster, Ronin. As Ronin fought off the guards and capekillers she witnessed him go down and suddenly her mutant powers appeared for the first time, as she ran faster than 100PMH and attacked the guards that shot down her hero. during the fight Julia watched Ronin die and stepped in front of a double barreled shot gun to protect him, even though he was no longer with the living. As luck would have it the shells misfired confusing the woman that held the shotgun, Risky. After some convincing and an amazing display of heroism Moonshayde and Risky fell to the ground holding one another. After sitting in silence for the fallen hero, both her and Risky decided to move Ronin's body from the prison and just before they were to pick him up they watched as his eye's opened up and he was resurrected.

After the Civil War, Ronin took it upon himself to look after the young girl, and even extended an invitation to become a member of the newly reformed team; Zero Squad, along with Risky, Primav3ra, Boom, her brother, Ztrange, and Jinx. However, the team didnt last very long, and with the disappearance of Ronin, Julia decided it was time for her to make her own path, and go into the world on her own. She doesn't crime fight very much anymore, even though the ball of fur know's she can kick butt, but every once in a while, a villain has the privilege of taking a beat down from her. As of right now the teenager is simply making her way through different cities, traveling the world. 


  • Feral Agility: Not only does she have an animalistic look about her, but her powers are the same. Her agility is already above human abilities, but when she becomes angry, its as if she can almost read what the other person is about to do, before they do it, reacting to everything and anything in less than half a second, this means bullets will about 98% of the time, miss her.
  • Super Speed: As of right now, Julia is able to reach speeds of 340.29 mps so in other words, she can reach Mach 1 on her own. However, the more angry she becomes, the faster she becomes.
  • Healing Factor: While on her own, Julia had been pushing her healing factor to its limits, by doing 'exercises' that would sometimes almost kill her. Broken bones only take a couple of hours to heal now, and some wounds only a few seconds, depending on how bad. She's not sure if she can grow back limbs with this healing factor, but she has refused to try so far. 
  • Peak Human Strength: Even though she cant lift a car over her head, she is able to lift quite a bit. And just like anything else, the more angry she becomes, the stronger she becomes. And trust me, this fur ball has a lot of anger in her. On her own, she can lift a total of 250 pounds. 
  • Basic Martial Arts: Julia was trained by both Ronin and Risky in the martial arts, but never truly mastered them, she felt that her super speed, would always be able to keep her out of trouble, and be the gap closure in a fight. She hasnt developed her fighting much over the years, but she still keeps her basic fighting skills up to par.
  • Feral Abilities: With all of her powers, they grow about twice as much if she becomes angery, and since she is a hormonal teenager, that happens even if someone gives her the wrong combo meal at Mc Donalds. The more angry she becomes, the stronger her powers become in that fight, so trust me when I say... you never want to fight this girl when she's PMSing.
  • Static Electricity Manipulations: Because she can move so quickly, Moonshayde had developed a way to harness Static Electricity while running to inflect more damage to her enemies. This can be from anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 volts of electricity. 
  • Phasing: While in her feral state, Moonshayde is able to move the molecules in her body so quickly, she can even phase through walls. However this does take a lot of energy to do, and afterwards, she'll most likely have to rest for a few moments to gain the energy back.