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To me the real interesting fall out from Batman Inc. may come later.  I came away from Grant Morison's run (to this point) with the feeling that Batman did have a super power and that super power was Bruce Wayne.  The run showed that Bruce is the only one who could handle what he went through and not come out a dangerous sociopath.  The Gotham cops showed that. Bruce defeating Hurt showed that, when the Joker told Hurt that he has no idea what he's dealing with. Hurts entire approach was based on the psychology of normal men.  And even further Darkseid recognized Bruce's greatness and tried to clone him all attempts failed.  None of the clones could handle the stress of the imprint.  

Move to Batman Inc.  - we all know Batman breeds cooky villains well Bruce can handle a looney like The Joker and those who have dealt with him for so long can. But how will any of these new Batmen handle dealing with that level of crazy?  They are bound to breed the same type of enemies. I wonder if all the Batmen have the mental fortitude needed and what happens if they don't?

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Working for Wayne Enterprises is no more dangerous then living in Gotham City.   If anything your probably safer.  I'm sure they pay well affording you more chances to live safely - better part of town, more secures buildings, reliable car, cell phone...etc.  As far as his employees outside of Gotham again as long as your out of Gotham I  would think your chances were roughly the same amount of peril that everyone in the DCU faces. For me the biggest stretch in the entire bat-mythos is why people remain in that city.  Would anyone really be willing to live in a city where there are about a dozen Jeffery Dahmer's regularly escaping? Even that is a tame comparison when you factor in the scale at which said loons are willing to operate at. Burning the whole city, contagions.. list goes on and on.  A known ridiculously dirty police force. Why do they stay? Must be because of how their nowhere near a major cataclysmic fault line - oh wait.  Seriously you read a lot of debate about Batman's mental stability but not much about the citizenry of  Gotham City.  Coast City was repopulated because "The Sinestro Corp War" created sort of a Earth Pride thing so I can at least find that bone acceptable. But Gotham City has only ever paid it's citizens back with more misery. .

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Character age is fairly moot.  I don't care how old Superman is anymore then I care how old Bugs Bunny is.  Age is not a factor unless it is made a factor. I have no idea how old Kramer was during the last episode of "Seinfeld" it was totally irrelevant.  Comics are a serial medium.  It is necessary by their nature that the characters remain constant.  The Bat-Family as mentioned handles things pretty well. Yeah Dick Grayson and Bruce's ages aren't as far apart as they should be but the experiences is what makes the years relevant not the chronology.  All that being said I would enjoy books by a publisher that work in real time.  It would be a lot of fun to literally read about a characters life.  See the impact of age, witness the physical changes and how they adapt to their limitations.  See how they handle their legacy.  But it would have to be something from the get go.

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Seriously if your going to be spoiled by this movie your going to do it. Re-writes are silly.   I will know as little as possible when I see this movie no matter the scope of spoilers that get out there.  But some people live for it.  Some people love spoilers and it does not ruin their interest or enjoyment one bit.  Most people who will jump on this script will still see the movie. Don't hold it up.

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Gotta say good trailer but my biggest beef with these movies has always been their choice to emphasize humans over the robots.   And that last line from Optimus implies more of the same, heck even more so. 

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Interprets many comic book legal issues.  Very fun stuff.

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Have Emma disable his motor skills then have Molecule Man unravel him on an atomic level. Then conveniently disperse him. 

Or just have the Hulk lose it and rip him apart.  Because there's no reason he can't, Wolverine's bones are coated but his ligaments and cartilage are still prone - break him at the seams and chuck his parts into space.