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I've always wondered from what position the GLC claims its power.   The Guardians just decided it. Can a legitimate government tell them to get the heck of their planet?  Do the Guardians sign treaties?  I  thought it would be interesting to see a ruler losing his position of power call in a Sinestro Corp member to help cement his rule with fear.  But overall I've always liked the idea of dumping the so called Guardians of the universe - they have failed miserably time and time again.  The one thing they don't seem to be able to do well is guard the universe.  They blew each crisis, they missed  the boat on both their own threats Sinestro Corp War and Blackest Night, they couldn't even stop Hal from destroying them. I like the idea that the Guardians consist of essentially a congress representing each color.

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Tim is going to be associated with The Teen Titans you can't keep Damian and dump a character like Tim.  It makes no sense, if your trying to create a younger version of Batman how could he have gone through so many side-kicks already plus have a kid still?

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This whole thing is a total rush job, desperate. Almost like Warner Execs said sell more or we stop dumping money into publishing. We can make movies, cartoons and video games with these characters. The comics come secondary - a million people go see our movies and practically none bother to buy the comics.  I'm sure DC was asked to justify itself, make yourself relevant or else we'll gut you and keep what we want.  Going digital is a step toward doing that - let's remove the LCS stigma, got a smart phone grab a comic from there.  I don't think the intention with sameday digital was to kill retailers but I think their willing to break those eggs to make their omlette.

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In general I've always disliked the over-simplification of comparing the Mutant struggle to the African-American struggle in America at all. They are different then the majority population. In more then a superficial way.  Mutants are dangerous, there are mutants who can re-write reality itself. There are mutants who can scour my brain without me even knowing - take any information. Mutants are a real potential threat to the day to day welfare of those around them.  There is no equality, their differences are not perception, they are better then us.  However that's putting them in my real-world context, in the context of the Marvel Universe I have no idea why people there trust non-mutant hero's but hate and fear mutant ones. It's never really jived.  I mean wouldn't you be more uncomfortable around someone who got power through dumb-luck rather then years of training & familiarity.  Here's your brain surgeon, he's never done one of these but he's read about it and watched a video or two.  
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You know in Kyle's case nobody is saying he's a Green Lantern - he could be one of the other colors. Maybe he sticks with Blue?  Either way I'm pleased with this line-up.  I just hope they don't fully BND Lois and Clark.

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Just want to echo the thoughts of others here.  What happens to Wally, Kyle, Bart, Cassie, Connor, Tim, Damian, Stephanie Brown,  Roy, Garth, J'onn, The Secret Six, the list can go on and on there are so many characters that could be viewed as expendable at the alter of revamp and simplicity.  Based on the JLI cover I'm wondering if that isn't Dick as Batman there, I'm only hoping this because it sure looks like it could be Donna under him there.  Yes that sounded dirty.
BTW - I'm calling this now Hal Jordan contains Ion.

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This happened in that movie "Sky High" a few years back the villain made a giant robot attack the city and Kurt Russel's Superman type character brought it's eye back as a trophy, but it was a surveillance camera.
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It would be okay if it was shells only, like disarm what needs disarming.  If it can't be disarmed then throw it into a sun or something.

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Best trophy room ever. (Planetary 14)
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@SC: I'd make a few arguements for difference between Dark Phoenix and Scarlet Witch
1- Proximity. 

 "In Germany, they first came for the communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a communist. Then, they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew … Then they came for the Catholics. I didn't speak up then because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak up. "– Reverend Martin Niemoller, German Lutheran pastor arrested by the Gestapo in 1937.

Jean killed billions of faceless beings far away in space.  Not saying its right but it's abstract enough to float somewhat.

2 -Extenuating circumstances.  She was bonded with something greater then herself. Her rage was triggered after outside forces had been manipulating her mind compromising her normally sane mind.  She was essentially pushed into losing it. She thought Cyclops was dead and her perception of reality was completely out of whack because of the Hellfire  Club and Mastermind

3 - A sentient cosmic force overwhelmed her - these thing have been know to happen just ask Hal Jordan.

Over all I feel that Jean has at least a stronger case to say - it wasn't me and here's why. Jean was otherwise a fairly stable individual driven beyond her capacity by outside forces. Wanda appears to be unstable and have her finger on the history erase button.

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