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Bruce is going to step up. When this arc is done Bruce and Damian will be closer then ever. The only writing on the wall is that Bruce needs to be a better father as well as mentor. Bruce needs to acknowledge that Damian is still a kid with the desires for approval and acceptance a lot of kids have.

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I second the sentiment concerning big screen translation.  Sometimes it just doesn't work. Honestly I hope I never see a threatening world devourer in a over-sized helmet dressed from head to toe in purple.  I'm sorry I love the guy but it will look ridiculous.

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This story was connected to a larger push that involved Mark Waid if I recall correctly.  And one other writer was involved with the initiative – either way this is mostly correct a big part of the push was for the Lois and Clark marriage to be obliterated.   Now in fairness this was a long while ago.    Things have changed since then so dwelling on this past history may no longer apply nowadays. Brand New Day went over so so.   But what’s worse about removing Lois then MJ is that you remove gobs and gobs of her intelligence to do it.   MJ is not a dummy, however she doesn’t make a living based on her inquisitive nature and keen observational skills like a say an award winning international reporter.    The reason Lois eventually had to know who Clark was I think had more to do with writers not needing to belittle her IQ.   I mean we as a society had grown beyond the basic silly little woman premise.  Maybe make them rivals for different papers, maybe then.  But even still “Smallville” just sold the dynamic pretty well . I haven’t been a fan of that show in awhile but I would totally like and enjoy a series set in the world established at the end.   Lois as a partner helping to cover him makes more sense to me.   But dropping it dums her down and thus demeans the reader.    As for these images 2 things spring to mind. Why are Supergirls knees exposed? I don’t get it.    It’s minor but strange to me. And finally what may end up being the biggest loss for me in all this: Where is Krypto?   I’m already saddened at the likely loss of the Conner/Krypto boy and his dog dynamic.

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I wrestled with this a bit but in the end my real issue with Dick no longer being Batman is that I really liked his relationship with Damian.  Damian has inherent parental issues.  But Dick was the big brother he needed. Needed being the operative word here.  I wouldn't mind reading Nightwing and Robin.

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I expected the DCNu Teen Titans to remain mostly untouched or at least close to CN's Young Justice. This is an odd departure.  Not to mention doesn't this concept work best when the team is made of JLA protege's?

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@-Eclipse-:  In other words Iconic vs. Trendy
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@fodigg:  Jim Lee designs very rarely look good when done by artists that aren't Jim Lee.  
BTW -  Any Krypto love? 
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@danhimself: He didn't write AoA he was a contributor.
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@Decept-O:  I don't need to be able to make a soup in order to tell if it tastes awful.
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At this point Tim Drake is  alive,  as are Cassie and Connor and I’m pretty sure so is Bart.   Now when everything blows over we can have their memories return and settle into a more normal routine.   That is as soon as they get released from the 90’s hell death sentence of a creative team they’ve been saddled with.   I’ve been  pretty positive about most of the DCNu changes – but these Teen Titans – what a bunch of over-designed junk.   Honestly.   Based on the looks and “creative” team I’d rather they had been wiped from reality.    I mean really.  And the description makes it feel like Tim has nearly nothing to do with the bat-family.     Well at least Hawk and Dove will be awesome. Oh wait Liefeld?   I thought it said Rob…any other last name will do.   How does this guy continue to get work?   Why not just fire him when you hire him and site the reason being that he can’t stick to deadlines not to mention he has no grasp of anatomy, perspective or composition. I have known a lot of comic people over the years and I have never found any that are currently fans of his work.   Nor is there a long line clamoring for his return.   1992 called they want their issue of Wizard with the Chromium cover featuring Prophet and the expose on the Unity crossover – plus this article about the Teen Titans written by the guy who made you drop the X-men.   One last note to Rob – people have feet and internal organs.