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My character's divorced his wife anyway, so he's a single man in a town where the population is predominantly male or zombified. AWESOME!
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These heroes look too young. They look like teenagers dressing up as the Justice League, not the actual Justice League.

Also, Where's Martian Manhunter? He's replaced by Cyborg of all people?!

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Perhaps we'll have to scavenge the town for female survivors, lol.
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This film looks epic in the trailers but the movie will actually suck. 
Well I guess one good thing I can say is that this actress seems to be 100 times better than Megan Fox at acting.
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Name: Burgess Wells 





Matthew Wells, (Brother), James Wells (Father), Edith Wells (Mother), Abbey Wells, (née Smith, Wife), Oscar Wells (Son). 

Status of family:

Unknown (All of Burgess' family live in England, and it's unknown whether the virus has spread to the UK). 


British, cunning, smart, slim, not strong or tough by any means. Although he is British like Clive Gardner, they are somewhat opposite in personality.

Public Facts:

"I came to America in order for some inspiration for my new novel. I'm an author and English Literature teacher at London University, but I was born and raised in Nottingham, England. I also have a wife and a son as well as a mother, father and brother who I think are still alive, but they live in Nottingham, and I don't know whether the virus has spread to the UK or if it's just contained in the USA. I'm no fighter, in fact I'm not really very out-going or physical, so you'd think I'd have died by now, but luckily I make up for that in wit, so hopefully I can hold on until I can get back home to England". 
Specialisation: I know a lot about English Literature and I'm a fan of horror and science-fiction, although that's not helpful in a zombie invasion. However, I can handle a gun or melee weapon if necessary and I'm a very trustworthy and smart person so I'm not totally useless.
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Has this RP already started? If not, I'd like to join, this sounds like fun.
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I really liked this film, it's quite possibly the best X-Men film so far.  
I'm also glad that they're kind of trying to forget the Wolverine film ever happened, like with Emma Frost being loads different to the one in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and how in the Wolverine film, Prof. X is played by Patrick Stewart and he can still walk, even though in this movie, James McAvoy is still playing Xavier, but (SPOILER ALERT) he's in a wheelchair at the end of the movie. 
Anyway, hopefully future X-Men films will forget about X-Men Origins and follow the same trend as X-Men: First Class.
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As Titanus was welcoming the other toys (who had yet to say anything), Claude wandered off to explore more of what would become his new home. He walked out of the sight of Sideslash, knowing he was still suspicious, and he walked over to see that some more toys were coming out from under the bed, and from other toy boxs they had been put in.

"Hey stranger, welcome to Timmy's bedroom!"

Claude looked around to see no-one, however then he felt a slight kick to his foot. Claude looked down to see a LEGO fireman.

"I'm Fireman #1"

"How do you do little man, I'm Claude Griffin, the Invisible Man II"

"Invisible Man II? Who's the first one?"

"My father" said Claude. "Although, of course...not really. I'm not even Claude Griffin for that matter, just a insignificant piece of plastic!"

"Hey, come on big guy" said the jovial Fireman #1, "It's not that bad being a toy, you have lots of fun 24/7".

"Well I'm not the fun-loving type of person. I'm a villain, a schemer, a criminal MASTERMIND! Now, I can't even use my powers, I'm not even the Invisible Man II, just the Transparent Man".

Claude then moved his cotton sleeve up to reveal his plastic skin was see through, but not invisible. It's was opaque at best.

"Well Mr. Griffin, I would normally say go to talk with the other villain toys, but then again, they don't like talking with us".

Claude's ears suddenly pricked.

"What do you mean other villain toys?"

The LEGO Fireman then pointed to a cardboard box behind the bed, where other villain toys were sitting. They were brooding as Claude was over their existence and hardly seemed interested in interacting with the other toys.

"Timmy likes to keep his villains toys in that box over there" said Fireman #1

Then 2 more LEGO firemen came.

"But don't go to them, they don't like talking to us, in fact, last time we tried to say hello, a couple of the LEGO police offciers were in pieces!" said Firemen #2 and #3

Claude the produced a thin smile under his mask, which the LEGO characters couldn't see.

"Thanks for the advice" said Claude.

As the LEGO firemen walked off to greet the other boxed set heroes and villains, Claude sneakily walked to the villain's hideout, hoping that the occupants would be more willing to talk to a fellow meglomaniac.



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As Mikepool drew his katana and aimed it at Titanus and Claude, he had a glint of insanity in his eyes, then again, most people would if they found out their entire life is a lie and they were in fact nothing more than a plastic action figure.
"So where are we and why is my gun made of plastic, tell me before I get stabby!" Mikepool shouted.
However, Titanus quickly subdued the raving mad-toy and pinned his against the wall.
"Listen here my red and black friend, your behaviour is scaring the other toys and if you don't shut up and come with me, I'm gonna have to deal with you personally!"
Claude stood back and watched as Titanus used what seemed to be police brutality on Mikepool. Claude didn't even now who Mikepool was so he felt no remorse, however he did eventually stop Titanus.
"Titanus stop, I know Mikepool here is probably one sandwich short of a picnic, but I think we should probably be a little less brutal against him, don't you think?"
Titanus nodded in agreement and dropped Mikepool to the ground.
"Besides Titanus, I think there's other new residents you need to introduce".
Claude then pointed to the other figures in the box-set, Lazy Leo, Careening Clementine, Angeni, Nerx, Miss Crush and Thunderbolt.
"So be it Claude, I will let this Mikepool go and welcome to new residents"
Titanus then walked to the opened box and saw the other toys wondering what was going on.
"Greetings friends, welcome to Timmy's bedroom, now who are all you guys?"
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Claude watched as Sideslash, his most dire enemy, spoke with Commando Kirk, who appeared to be the leader of the toys in Timmy's bedroom. Commando Kirk looked tough enough, however there was a child-like quality to him, he acted more like an action hero from a children's TV show like GI Joe or Optimus Prime, rather than an adult action hero like John McClane or Rambo.

Anyway, Claude was going to interrupt the conversation between the Commando and Sideslash before the Transmorpher figure stopped him.

"Greetings my friend, I am Titanus, one of the legendary Transmorphers and defenders of the galaxy!"

"Really?" asked Claude.

"No not really" said Titanus, "Although my name IS Titanus and I am a Transmorpher. I am one of Timmy's favourite figures, as I am capable of transforming myself into tank"

"I see"

"Yes" said Titanus proudly, "So tell me, who are you?"

Claude would've normally said he was the Invisible Man II, master thief and criminal mastermind...although now he had discovered he was nothing more than a plastic action figure, he didn't know what to say.

" name is Claude Griffin, and I would say that I'm the Invisible Man II...although I'm not so sure anymore".

"Ahh, don't worry Claude" said Titanus, "all new toys go through the same phase, they think they're the actual characters they're based off of first, but soon they understand. For instance, I really did used to believe I was a heroic Transmorpher who fought evil and protected the galaxy, but when I was bought by Timmy's mother, I soon came to understand the reality of the situation and became friends with many of the other toys here".

Claude turned his head to Titanus and was about to reply when suddenly he heard someone shouting maniacally.


"OK, who's fault is this, so I know who's ASS to kick!"


Claude and Titanus saw that it was none other than Mikepool, angry that he was now nothing more than a plastic minature of himself. The two toys walked to him.

"Come my red and black friend" said Titanus calmly, "There's no need for such language and anger here, we're your friends, come with us and we'll help you however we can".