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Am I the only one who thinks Red Skull at 0:56 looks like Dr. Heiter from The Human Centipede?
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It was 8:00 in the morning, when Burgess woke up, weeping in depression and grief. He had been told by Trace Reeves (another survivor) to "Toughen up, princess". Burgess obviously knew that Reeves didn't have children, otherwise he would feel the same, hope-destroying grief as him. 
30 minutes later, after getting some more sleep, Burgess finally woke up. He could hear the sizzling of bacon on a grill and the sweet smell of burning meat. Thankfully for Burgess, he could get his hopes back up after one of Jonathan Rodriguez' delicious breakfasts. Burgess then decided to get up from the sofa he had moved into his tent (his tent was quite big) and headed towards the food court, where he hoped Mr. Rodriguez would be making breakfast. 
As he got up, Burgess looked around, to see the other survivors, but from the looks of it, they seemed to either be still asleep or on the rooftop. Burgess then decided to see Mr. Rodriguez. 
"Morning Jonathan, what's on the menu today?" asked Burgess, trying to make himself forget about Oscar and stay focused. If he remained sad and lonely, he would end being insane with grief.

However, when Burgess got to the food court, no-one was there, but nonetheless he decided to steal some bacon, grab a small baguette and call it breakfast. Burgess then also went and took a bottle of orange juice and headed to the rooftop.

When he got there, he sat down, and took a big bite into the bacon baguette. The taste was delicious, although Burgess soon began to wonder how long before all this delicious bacon was gone. He and the other survivors had been here two months after all, the food had to eventually run out. Burgess then placed the bacon bagutte on a plate on the table next to him, and then he began to write on some pieces of paper, in order to carry on with the novel he was working on. 
The novel was a horror story about zombies (or Walkers as the others called them), although Burgess had ironically started the novel before the outbreak had begun. This book was also of a more alien form of horror, with it being about an alien being who came to Earth in order to ressurect the dead, to form an army to enslave humanity. This alien being had perform this feat with various other alien races previously, but now it was Earth's turn to fall under the whim of Nekros (the alien in the novel). The book was titled Nekros after the titular villain, and now that a real zombie outbreak had begun, Burgess wondered if perhaps his imagination had caused this outbreak. 
Nevertheless, Burgess kept writing. He then spent around 30 to 40 minutes of nothing but writing, that was until he was disturbed by one of the survivors. Burgess quickly turned to find none other than Trace Reeves nearby. Ever since the whole "Toughen up, princess" scenario, Burgess had something of a grudge against him. Although it wasn't healthy for fellow survivors to hate one another when they forced to live together, but Burgess found Reeves' bravado, macho attitude very annoying. But, Burgess stayed calm, he needed to save his energy for when (and if) anything out of the ordinary took place, and falling out with Reeves would just make things worse. 
After a short pause, Burgess took a swig of Tropicana orange juice, and then set back to writing his novel. After all...what else could he do?

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Firstly, I'd like to see a story where Thor goes to Mount Olympus and meets Hercules, and I'd want Hercules to be played by Jason Momoa (the new Conan). Or, the villain I'd like to see would actually be Radioactive Man. 
As for director, I think Matthew Vaugn could be good (besides, he wanted to originally direct the first one).
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Thanks. It took me a while to write, but it was worth it.
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Two Months Ago

"...and here will be the key to your apartment, will that be all Mr. Wells?" 
"Yes it will, thank you" 
"Wonderful, enjoy your stay" 
Burgess Wells had just entered the Holiday Inn in America to stay there for a week or so. After the kind young receptionist handed him his room-key, Burgess grabbed his things and headed to the elevator. After entering the elevator, Burgess pressed the buttons to get to the 2nd floor.

While he was waiting to get to the top, Burgess reminisced on what brought him to America in the first place. He was a teacher of English Literature at London University, but in his spare time, Burgess was working on a new novel. The novel was set in the United States, so Burgess felt it was necessary to travel there himself, to get inspriation and just a general feel for the American culture. It would've been futile to write a book set in America, if he hardly knew much about it himself. Back home he left his 10 year old son, Oscar Wells to live with his ex-wife (Burgess and his wife were divorced), and his mother, father and brother carried on with the rest of their lives like normal. Burgess didn't take his son with him to America because he needed to be alone, and looking after his son (although he did love Oscar like any normal father) would've been hard whilst simultaneously writing a book. 
Anyway, the elevator stopped at the 2nd floor, and Burgess left to head towards Room 245. Burgess didn't carry much besides his laptop, mobile phone, clothes and journal to write down ideas, so he could get around somewhat easily. After walking several yards down the corridor, Burgess found his room. Afterwards, he stepped into Room 245 where he spent the rest of the night writing his book. 
Three days later

Burgess was enjoying his time in America so far. He had spent three days doing nothing but writing, eating light dinners and exploring the country around him. He got to know new people, like Lois the receptionist, and he also went shopping one day in the Lone Oak Mall, mainly for a gift for his son. He even went to the local casino Zeus' Temple one night. He luckly won some money on the Blackjack, starting with $100 and ending up with $155 dollars. However, Burgess also came across a sneaky con-man by the name of Clive Gardner, a Brit like himself, although less...trustworthy. They never talked much except when playing Blackjack, but still, Burgess never trusted Gardner. Nevertheless, Burgess had fun while it lasted. 
When Burgess was up late one night writing like normal, he heard a woman's scream, coming from downstairs. Burgess ran quickly to investigate what it was. When Burgess got downstairs, he couldn't see anything. 
"Hello?" he asked. "Lois, are you alright?"

Burgess could see no-one, although when he walked closer to the reception desk, he could see a puddle of blood. Burgess gulped as he further investigated. 
"Lois, it's me Burgess, are you oka--"

Burgess then gagged in his mouth and impulsively vomited on the floor next to him. What he saw, was the mutilated corpse of Lois. Her face was nearly unrecognisable with the damage done to it, so much so, that Burgess only found out it was her by chacking her name badge. Her arm and legs were also ripped apart, to the point where pieces of bone could be seen. I say "arm", because one of Lois' arms had been ripped from the torso. Burgess vomited again, for no normal man could act any differently at such a horrific sight. However, to make things worse...the murderer returned. 
Burgess turned to see what looked like a homeless man limp into view from the janitor's closet. His clothes were tattered with dirt and booze like most homeless people, and the man also had long, grey hair with a grey beard and a black baseball cap. However, what drew Burgess' attention was the blood stained hands and mouth. The man also had pieces of red meat in his teeth, and his eyes were hollow and blank. Burgess at first suspected he was on drugs, but even drug-addicted homeless people looked more normal than this. 

"Excuse me, are you alright?"

asked Burgess nervously. 
The homeless man then limped towards Burgess, extending his blood-soaked hands towards him. Burgess back away and turned to go back upstairs, but when he turned, he saw another individual, this time it was the janitor. He wore a grey jacket over a Holiday Inn shirt, but he also had the same expressionless, hollow face. Burgess was getting more and more scared, until when he saw the janitor holding a woman's arm in his hand, still dripping with blood. Burgess then felt horrified, as the janitor and homeless man closed in on him. 
"By two did killed her!"

The two lumbering figures didn't respond as they bore their red, blood-stained teeth with a primal hunger for Burgess' flesh. 
"Dear god...HELP ME!!!"

As Burgess shouted, more guests from the Holiday Inn came to help. Two of them were a husband and wife, both in their 30s, and the other was an old but strong man, who had a stern look on his face. 

"Okay, what the F**K is going on here

?" shouted the old man. He then stopped his rage when he saw the monsterous site of the mutilated receptionist, and the two blood-soaked perpetrators. 
"By god! Someone call 911!"

The old man ran, and the couple looked on in awe. The husband of the couple stampeded towards the janitor and homeless murderers. 
"You monsters, I'll kill you!"

However the attempt was vain, as the homeless man scratched the husband across the face, and in this time of pain, lunged at him. The homeless man then bit deep into the husband's shoulder. 


!" shouted the wife. The husband tried to fight off the homeless man as his teeth sunk deep into his flesh. The wife then tired to pull the homeless man away from her precious Howard, but to no avail, as the janitor bit her in the neck, resulting in horrible screams and walls stained with blood. 
In the amount of time he had, Burgess ran from the view of the carniverous beings, towards the staircase, where he ran to his room. There he was about to pack his things away, when he heard his phone ring. Despite the situation he was in, Burgess answered the call. 

"Hi dad, it's me" the child on the other end being Oscar. 
Burgess tried to stay calm, in order to not scare his son. 
"Hey are you doing?"

At that point more screams were arising, as people in the same corridor as his apartment were sounding like they were being attacked. 

"Dad, what's that noise?"

asked Oscar. 
"Err...nothing Oscar, just some people having a party, as all"

"Why are you acting so wierd?"

Now there were sounds of more of those...things running up the stairs. Burgess was almost soiling himself in fear, why were those people eating Lois' flesh? The more time he stood not answering his son, the more his son was getting afraid. 
"Dad, you're scaring me"

"It's alright Oscar, I'm fine...listen, you know I love you very much"

"Yeah?" said Oscar, coming somewhat close to tears. 
Then there were pounds at Burgess door. There were people outside wanting to get in. 

"Sir! We need help, there's these people outside trying to kill us!" 

said an old woman outside. 

"Yeah, for god's sake, let us in!"

cried another voice, this time the sound of the old man from earlier. 
Burgess was caught between the people outside and his son on the other end of the phone. 

"Dad, I'm getting scared"

said his son. 
Burgess was then sweating with fright and stress. He was then about to answer his son, when he heard his phone make a noise. Burgess then checked his phone to see that he had ran out of power. 
"No, no no no no no NOOOOO!!!!" cried Burgess. "Oscar, Oscar!" he cried again in vain. 
Burgess then dropped his phone on the bed and went to his apartment door, to see what was happening outside. The people at his door...had stopped shouting. Burgess pressed his ears to the door, and heard nothing...nothing but emotionless groans and tearing sounds which were too repulsive to comprehend. 
Burgess then ran from the door, packed his things and went to the window. There he saw more carnage and horror, as there were these mindless, carniverous imiatations of people walking everywhere, devouring citizens or fighting those who opposed them, mainly police officers. There were even fires in some places, all laced with the same horrible screams of dying people. Burgess, despite what may happen to him if he went outside, then slowly opened the door to the corridor. 
When he was in the corridor, he saw not only the janitor and homelss man, but the husband and wife from earlier, as well as other people, who had become these creatures, eating flesh. Burgess ran speedily from the creatures as the stumbled after him. Burgess then ran back down the stairs and out of the Holiday Inn, where he kept running and running and running. 
Burgess then managed to find an open car, where he turned on the ignition and hastily pushed out the original driver, who was now a disfigured creature like so many others. 
Now...Burgess was on his own, driving through a wasteland of crashed cars, gasoline fires and dead bodies. He didn't know where he was going, or what he was doing, but anywhere was better than here. 
"AHH!" cried Burgess. He woke up from a short sleep, he had been dreaming of past experiences. Burgess then turned to see it was around 8:00 in the morning, two months after the Holiday Inn crisis, and he was sleeping on a large, but uncomfortable sofa. He was in the Lone Oak Mall, with many other survivors like him. As his fellow survivors slept, Burgess got up to look at a photo of him and his son at Legoland, Windsor, the only photo of his son he had on him. Burgess then weeped in sorrow and despair, knowing he may very well not only die out here, but also never see his son or his family again.   
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While the film does sound like a enormous pile of crap, I think that Tim Burton could've made a good Superman film (just change the script, costume design, creative staff and most of the actors). I wouldn't have liked to have seen this film in particular, but I think if Tim Burton made a Superman film similar to his Batman films, it would've been okay. 
As a matter of fact, I actually think Nicolas Cage, while probably the most outlandish and unexpected casting choice for Superman, may've been okay, now bear with me here. Remember when the first Tim Burton Batman film came out and everyone was hating the idea of Michael Keaton as Batman? People even pertitioned against Keaton as Batman because they couldn't see him in the role, but when the film came out, everyone loved him. 
I think that the same could've been done with Nicolas Cage. Sure the photos of him that were done looked bad and the costume was unlike anything from the Superman comics, BUT had the costume looked like the original comic design, had the script been thrown away and replaced with a new one, and had Tim Burton done his own thing instead of just directing Kevin Smith's version of the movie, I think the film would've been okay. 
But don't get me wrong. The original film concept, had it been made would've been a train-wreck powerful enough to destroy Krypton and send baby Kal-El to Earth!!! 
Less like long haired Cage, more like short haired Cage.
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I'm glad the sequel's still happening, hopefully a new director can improve on the first film's mistakes. Personally, I think that J.J Abrams would be a good choice for director, although he may be too occupied with the Star Trek sequel to do Green Lantern 2.
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Errr...what did I just watch? 
Talking matresses, people who are addicted to pudding? Crazy stuff...but also very entertaining.