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Sylar (the greatest Heroes character ever!) doesn't eat brains. He uses his "intuitive aptitude" to analyse his victims brains in order to "see" how their ability works. He then copys the ability and leaves the corpse with no evidence leading to him. One tough job for the Police to handle. Claire Bennet is the only one of Sylar's victims to have survived this process. Most Heroes characters know of Sylar and his murders, no secret really.

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One interesting Bizarro could be Bizarro-Deathstroke. He could be a Bizarro Army soldier who had an experiment that only gave him 0.9% brain capacity instead of 90%. He is an assassin who instead of killing people for money, he tells people he's going to kill them and then poorly attempt to kill them with crap weaponry but will always fail. This would make his target very happy (Bizarro's think opposite to humans). He then pays his boss money instead of accepting it. Bizarro-Deathstroke would be a hero...well to normal people he would. To Bizarros he'd be a villain.

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If Freddy Krueger had a symbiote...he'd be one of the scariest characters ever. Freddy already has a wierd face. Deathstroke would make a good symbiote host.

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I know there is...but there's not a Bizarro for every DC character. Batman, Green Arrow, Lois Lane etc. are all characters that have Bizarro duplicates. But characters like the Teen Titans, Darkseid and Two-Face don't have Bizarros.

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Even though I've never seen Freddy vs Jason, Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street, I think it wouldn't be bad to have a sequel to Freddy vs Jason because I've read the plot line on Wikipedia and though it was good. Michael Myers would prove a worthy match for Freddy and Jason. Or it'd be good if either
Freddy or Jason found the cube thing from Hellraiser and brought Pinhead into their world.

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My Bizarro would be someone who loves sport, woodwork and science. He'd hate English, History and Drama and would truly hate comics, sci-fi and horror things.

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One good Bizarro could be Bizarro-Sinestro. Like Yellow Lantern (Bizarro-Hal Jordan), Bizarro-Sinestro would be a reluctant member of the Green Lantern Corps. He'd be Green Lantern of Space-Sector...whatever galaxy Bizarros live in.

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One interesting Bizarro would be Bizarro-Magneto. Instead of magnetokinesis (his control over metal) he'd be able to bend wood to his will. Another Bizarro could be Bizarro-Iron Man. His armour is poorly made and it's made of tin cans and rusty metal, plus his rockets are fireworks.

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Darth Vader & Emperor Palpatine (to me) have the best lightsabers. But all Sith Lords and Apprentices have cool sabers in my opinion. Darth Maul has a double-edged blade, Palpatine has a gold trimmed hilt and Count Dooku has a curved hilt. But Vader's is still the best.