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Although Columbia Pictures own the Spider-Man franchise, I hope that one day, Spidey can join the Avengers in an Avengers sequel.
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Lol, Azreal no offense but I like how you tell me to shorten my posts when your posts are always enormous :)
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Burgess sat writing his novel in progress "Nekros". Burgess was so far getting immersed in his story, and he felt that seeing as his novel was about the walking dead, he could use his real-life experiences to give his story more life. At that point, he heard Daniel shouting to him. 
"Burgess! Chairman Meow wants a role in that thing!"

Burgess looked down below to see a cat, strolling about under his chair. Burgess laughed and gave the cat a piece of bacon to chew on, and the cat did so with great joy. 
So far, Burgess had completed 3 chapters, and he was just starting the 4th, until Trace Reeves arrived to talk. Trace sat down, knowing Burgess had something of a grudge against him, for taking Burgess' grief for granted. However, it appeared Trace was coming to apologise or open up to Burgess in some form, when he took out his folded photo of his family. 
"Ya see? That's me." said Trace, "That's my brother Drake." Trace pointed to the right to indicate his brother on the photo. 
Trace then pointed a woman in the picture 
"That's...that's Dana. She is-was-my wife." 
Burgess, seemed to undertsand what Trace was trying to say, that he also had lost family in the crisis, and Burgess finally forgave Trace, however he continued. 
"When the plague hit, I lost em both. I watched my brother changed into a walker in front of my eyes. You can't imagine what that can do to a man." 
Trace then ran a hand through his blonde hair, and scowled. "Just makes me tougher, I guess." 
Burgess, after finishing his bacon baguette, placed the plate on the table beside him, alongside his pen and paper. He then looked at Trace. 
"I'm...sorry for your loss". 
Burgess then also took out his only photo he had of his son, Oscar. The photo was so far the only thing keeping Burgess moving in life. In the picture, Oscar and Burgess were at Legoland in Windsor, near London where they lived. Oscar was drenched in water after having come off the Log Flume ride. Burgess was equally drenched in the photo also. 
"This is my son, Oscar" said Burgess, as he handed the photo to Trace. "It's me and him at Legoland, it was the last time I saw him...before coming here. Then all this S**T has to happen". 
Burgess was somewhat close to tears, as he was a more fragile figure than most of the gun-toting survivors who had experience in hunting or killing the undead. However, Burgess held himself together. 
"You see, me and my wife divorced last year, so seeing my son had been less frequent. And now I'm here...I don't even know if I'll see him, or anyone in my family again. Hell, I don't even know if this, VIRUS, has even spread overseas. Not only may I never see my son again, but he may already be dead". 
Burgess then took the photo back from Trace, and subsequently gave Trace's photo back to him. 
"I'm guessing you did this to apologise to me" said Burgess to Trace, getting up from his chair as he did so. "Well, I forgive you". 
Burgess then took his pen, paper and bottle of orange juice that he was still drinking, and left, to go downstairs into the actual mall. Hopefully, someone would give him something to do, or perhaps there was something interesting he could find.

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While I think Andrew Garfield will be good as Spidey, I think the mask looks a little wierd. It looks like a costume someone would buy at a fancy-dress shop, not the real thing.

But I still think this movie will be okay.

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I think there's a slight possibility that superhero films could go stale, but for the mean time everyone likes them. Besides, Nolan's Batman series is one of the highest grossing movie series of all time, so I'm sure Warner Bros. aren't looking down on The Dark Knight Rises. 
But as for Black WIdow getting a movie, I don't think so.
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That was great Spaceman! I liked what you did with my character. I'll return the favour by adding you in my next post.
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I'd like to see Catwoman with long hair, but still wearing a leather jump-suit like the comics. Like the 60s TV show, but less campy.
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While The Dark Knight is definately a better dramatic movie, First Class may have something more of a re-watch value, seeing as it's less long.
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