The Best Supervillains

My favourite villains are rated in this order.

1. Darth Vader-Powers- The Force (Telekinesis, Mind-Trick etc.)
                                            Lightsaber Skills

2. Sylar- Powers-Intuitive Aptitude (Understanding complex mechanisms)
                               Kinetic Projection
                               Eidetic Memory
                               Superhuman Hearing
                               Precognitive Painting
                               Induced Radioactivity
                               Rapid Cellular Regeneration
                              Alchemical Transmutation
                              Sound Manipulation (Shouting at superhuman volumes)
                              Electric Manipulation
                              Lie Detection
Some abilities have been lost.

3. Black Adam-Powers-Powers of Shu

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Kruegger for President!

It'd be a laugh just to see Freddy Krueger as President of the USA despite all the teenagers on Elm Street he's murdered and abused. He could make Osama Bin Laden give away his hiding place by scaring the crap out of him in his dreams.

God bless Krueger and God bless America





Lex Luthor would be a good Vice President if he was good. President Krueger could scare Lex in his dreams to make him good...or whatever Krueger wants him to be...


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Best costumes

1. Best costumed hero(es)-Ghost Rider and Capt. Marvel. Ghost Rider's look is totally original;the black jacket, the flaming skull for a head and a satanic motorcycle etc.
Capt. Marvel's costume may look a little bit like Superman's but it's bright colurs red, yellow, gold and white plus it's classic Shazam! lightning bolt makes the costume a truly recognisable look.


2. Worst costumed hero(es)-Nite-Owl and Blue Beetle. Nite-Owl from Watchmen has a costume that is more or less just Batman's costume morphed with Owlman's. Blue Beetle's costume is just a pair of tights that goes all over his body that's painted blue.

3. Best costumed villain(s)-Darth Vader. Black armour, red lightsaber, dark, mechanical helmet...Darth Vader by far has the best costume for any supervillain. I think that Darth Vader probably is the best supervillain.

4. Worst costumed villain(s)-Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bizarro Aquaman. Mr. Mxyzptlk (if this how you spell it), even though he's got some of the best superpowers, has a bad costume indeed. Mxyzptlk could have any form or costume he desires but he chooses an imp look. Bizarro-Aquaman, like all other Bizarros just has a stranger more imperfect look of their proper templates (in this case Aquaman). But Bizarro-Aquaman looks just like Aquaman's costume except of the fish-bowl, so there's no imperfect difference or originality.

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Sants's Top 5 Naughty People

1. Jason Voorhees-Once a mentally disabled, deformed boy who drowned at the lake at Camp Crystal Lake. Now he's back from the dead as a mentally disabled, deformed murderer who slaughters anyone who comes to Camp Crystal Lake. He hould be one of the people who gets put on Santa's bad list...but he kills people in honour of his psychopathic mother, so that makes him a bit kinder than other mass murdering psychos.

2. Sylar-Gabriel Gray was a watchmaker who discovered he had the ability to understand complex mechanisms from clockwork to human brains (otherwise known as intuitive aptitude). When he killed someone with the power of telekinesis and studied their brain, Gabriel realised he could also use telekinesis. Since then, Gabriel took up the name of Sylar and started to kill other superhumans to obtain their powers. Sylar should be on Santa's naughty list because he has killed so many people. Then again, if Santa has magical powers as children say, Sylar would probably telekinetically cut open Santa's head and see what he could find (that's what he usually does). Sylar could then take his name off the naughty list and put it on the good list with his thoughtographical powers.

3. Lex Luthor-Lex Luthor is the rich owner of LexCorp, a company that hates Superman. Ever since Superman came to Metropolis, Lex Luthor comes up with cunning ways to beat the Man of Steel, but always loses. Lex should be on Santa's naughty list because he's almost caused the end of the world on many occasions. Lex should get something worse than coal for Christmas...perhaps 2 or 3 lumps of coal?

4. Darth Vader-Once a Jedi Knight named Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader is leader of the Galactic Empire (next to Emperor Palpatine). He is a master of the Dark Side of the force and is a worthy combatant with a lightsaber. Santa would put Darth Vader on his naughty list because of all the people he's choked with the Force and all the Jedi he's slashed with his red-coloured lightsaber. But if Darth Vader were to sense Santa write his name on the list, he'd probably send a TIE Fighter squadron to destroy the North Pole.

5. Sinestro-The arch-nemesis of Hal Jordan (more commonly known as Green Lantern) is none other than the infamous Sinestro, the former Green Lantern of Space-Sector 1417 who turned evil after using his Power Ring to conquer his home planet, Korugar. Sinestro was sent to the dreaded planet of Qward, and it was there he constructed a Qwardian Power Battery that created yellow energy constructs (the colour yellow is the only thing that can stop a Green Lantern's Power Ring from working). Sinestro now uses his Power Ring to try and kill Hal Jordan and the other Green Lanterns. Sinestro would be put on Santa's naughty list because he's commited world domination, murder and other such crimes against the Universe. But I think Sinestro wouldn't care because he's an alien who probably doesn't celebrate Christmas.
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Marvel Side                    DC Side
1. Red Skull                   1. Lex Luthor           (Leaders)
2. Titanium Man            2. Sinestro               (Flight and Air weaponry)
3. Loki                             3. Black Adam         (God Power)
4. Green Goblin             4. Merlyn                   (Ranged Weaponry)
5. Mystique                     5. Cheetah               (Female Teammates and Agilty)
6.Sabretooth                  6. The Joker            (Insane in a good way)
7. Dr. Doom                   7. Malefic                  (Intellect)
8. Attuma                        8. Black Manta         (Underwater Breathing)
9. Abomination             9. Capt. Boomerang  (No reason why they're paired...they're both evil)

(These villains work together)

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