I think superheroes should stay dead for a while, until the comic book fans are used to not having them around (so for about 6 months, maybe a year). Then that's the time where our fallen heroes can make a comeback!

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Not exactly a moment

I think quite a funny moment in comics is whenever Bat-Mite meets Batman. It's funny seeing someone who's really stubborn like Batman and someone who's really hyperactive and funny like Bat-Mite talk to each other.

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Thor 2: Wrath of Olympus

A sequel to the 2011 Thor movie. Asgard discovers that it is not the only God-like realm. Thor is sent to Atehns, Greece to discover this new world...only to meet the films main villain, Pluto. Asgard, at the beginning of the movie, is at war with Olympus. But when they discover Pluto's plots. Thor and Olympus' hero, Ares must face Pluto together.

Chris Hemsworth-Thor/Donald Blake
Brian Blessed-Odin
Brendan Fraser-Ares
Bernard Hill (the guy who plays Theoden in Lord of the Rings)-Zeus
James Earl Jones-Pluto/Hades (voice actor)


Asgard                                                  Mt. Olympus

Lex Luthor

His intelligence isn't because of superpowers or radioactive waste or anything. Just simply working hard at school and getting the best education due to his wealthy father, Lionel Luthor (who's quite smart himself)

If he can build a Lexorian Warsuit with missiles, machine guns, kryptonite rays and self-propelled flying gear, then that counts as a 10/10 score on the Smart-o-meter (this is a made up device).

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I think that it's okay

Hollywood directors kind of have to change costumes for heroes or villains in movies because sometimes they'd look a bit stupid if they were the same. I mean, if Robin had the exact same look as he looked in the comics when he was in Batman and Robin and Batman Forever, he'd look like a complete dunce. So in some scenarios, Marvel movies, DC movies, Dark Horse movies and every other type of comic book movie needs to change a superheroe's looks sometimes

Notice the difference

Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin isn't lame. I just think that it's funny that Seth Macfarlane chose a baby to be a supervillain. He's the coolest cartoon baby ever, but he's still silly. Silly in a good way.

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The World's Mightiest Mortal

I put Capt. Marvel down for a lot of things in my blogs...and this time is no different. Capt. Marvel has some of the most interesting villains because they're all so different like Dr. Sivana, a small weak scientist, Black Adam, his evil double etc.

 Dr. Sivana, Magnificus and Beautia 

                                                                The Black Marvel Family

                              King Kull

Mister Mind

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