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Can't beat logic. Sooner you realize that, the sooner you can stop embarrassing yourself :)

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Altair accomplished what another skilled Assassin thought was impossible. Does that not count now?

Why would it? Altair didn't beat Abbas.

Moloch is factually not fodder.

Moloch pales in comparison to the opponents Ezio faced.

Robert has the best feat out of any enemy mentioned here so far.

Robert is factually fodder.

Mario is featless.

Prove it.

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Biggie's last verses, and he bloody murdered it in every way possible. F%cking epic.


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@kainboa said:

I may be remembering incorrectly, but to the best of my recollection, Ezio hasn't defeated anybody who, by your definition, wasn't also fodder due to having no feats.

So we're back to square one, neither Ezio nor Altair has defeated anybody who wasn't fodder, so it comes down to who has defeated the most impressive fodder.

In that case Altair has defeated more enemies, without being injured, with lesser equipment and at one point with a lower physical capability than anything Ezio has done.

Ezio has defeated Mario (granted it was training) who has displayed his knowledge and combative capabilities on panel. Ezio has also defeated Cesare who was skilled enough to slay two soldiers at the same time handily.

why exactly is it that Ezio wins this again?

Altair has never fought a skilled combatant, he has only fought quantities of fodder. Ezio, on the other hand, has fought and beaten combatants who've tested him in combat, his fighting style is also way more unorthodox, which begets the following: Altair has no armour, durability or pain tolerance showings to suggest he could outlast Ezio (who has armour and several showings of impressive pain tolerance) in combat. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that while it'll be an entertaining and brutal fight, Ezio wins by simply being more resilient.

  1. Showings accounted for and compared.
  2. Knowledge and logic applied.


Abbas is skilled and was shocked when Altair did something that Abbas considered impossible.

Altair never beat him.

It proves Moloch isn't fodder which disproves your claim.

Moloch was also slow and unskilled.

Robert is the only person to damage Altair throughout all his games. It's a better feat than your nonexistent Mario speculation. This is another example of your double standards.

Doesn't take skill to parry a not-so-subtle charging assassin. Ezio did the same exact thing to Cesare and Cesare caught him. Difference is, Cesare was overpowered.

Now where's your proof that Ezio can accomplish anything comparable to Altair's combat feats?

Ezio doesn't need feats comparable to Altair, facts can't argue with logic under these circumstances.

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Abbas is a skilled Assassin according to his canon entry.

Altair never beat him.

Moloch can create a massive crater.

Which makes him superior to any of the established opponents Ezio has faced how?

Robert once beat Altair.

It doesn't take skill for Robert to parry a not-so-subtle charging assassin (who was out of character, by the way).

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Altair beat Moloch who isn't fodder. Robert de Sable is not fodder either.

They are because they have no feats.

Do you know what literally means?

Yes. You said "Ok then" and literally went off topic. Look:

Ok then we also have the Genghis Khan feat where you ignore how Altair is the age as Ezio was when he was dying of Old Age. Oh and ignoring how I already pointed out it was noncanon in previous topics.

You can keep bringing those quotes and GIFs up all you want. It honestly makes you look all the more ignorant, salty and desperate. Plus, it doesn't take away the fact that you're a bad debater with no credentials :)


Try again.

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Fell in love with her when I saw her on New Girl. So pretty.

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Wick wasn't all that good in CQC, though.

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Batman would have to physically beat Cap

Eeeeeeeh... fair point.