Dead Rising 2 and its additions

Besides the main game, I'm talking about the DLCs Case Zero and Case West, and that what-if storyline Off the Record.
Although I really like these games, I like Case West and Off the Record. Frank West, the protagonist of the first game, appears in both cases. As for Chuck Greene, he is the protagonist of the game and its DLCs.
Any comments on those games?


Will Betty Ross and her father's fake deaths will last long?

Well, for my opinion, I don't think so.

Imagine if someone like the real Alex Mercer meets up with the military to discuss some matters with Betty and her father. That's when he reveals they're still alive and what they've become recently. When the military don't believe him, General Fortean shows up to say what Alex is telling them is all true. In order to show evidence, the latter reveals to them Betty and her father's records and their victims. On the top of that, he shows them the LMD decoys that are in their coffins, confirming his claims.

Alex then asks the military to join with him and hunt down those two. If there are members that refuses, he orders their deaths.

Well, what do you think about this topic?

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Comic Book Hell

Think of the villains who died in comics. This is the place they go when they die.
I could the real Alex Mercer is sent into that realm for creating the Blacklight virus and unleashing it to New York, and I could think he'll meet the soldiers died in Penn Station since it's a "taking you with me" thing.
Can you think about the villains doing in Hell?

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