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I hear ya Chris, i haven't gone to the theaters for anything other than the Batman movies, the Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and the first Iron Man movie in a long time. Most of the stuff that you find in theaters recently is just subpar, all style and no substance, they look good but expect the look to cover up the cliche or weak story, for a good example just look at Transformers

Also agree on the Joss Whedon love, any man who can make both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dr. Horrible is awesome in my eyes.

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Seems like a way to cash in on the popularity of the Hunger Games.

But should Marvel really end the year 2012 with the death of young heroes

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Has Comicvine forgotten that Prof. X has died multiple times and been brought back, this is no longer shocking.

In fact when i started reading X-Men again a year ago i was shocked that he was alive.

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At least you can say that it's better done than the "New 52". It seems like they are actually trying to keep their continuing storylines intact instead of stopping them midway with no explanation and reinventing them.

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It's kind of both in my opinion. There are some characters that i love to read because of their personalities and adventures, but a creative team decides on which direction the character goes, so depending if they are generally more talented or not in this area can be used to narrow the pool of what to buy, with so many spin-off titles someone can read their favorite character while choosing the one with the best creative team and still not have to buy all of the books, if they need more information about the current state of the character or the quality of the creative team without buying the books, then they can always use the internet.

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I mean she never really seemed the heroic type. She would toe the line morally and protect people at times, but it was always made very clear that despite her conscience, she would remain a morally ambiguous thief who would enact her own justice outside of the laws of superheroism when she feels the need, be they fatal or not.

I just can't see her working with people like the JLA who are in the spotlight constantly and tend to have a pretty clean image.

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I may be wrong about the state of some characters since the reboot, but i was under the impression that Catwoman was a THIEF.

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Spider-Man Noir definitely.

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Marvel, I love you, I really do, but give us some time to breath after AVX. I love your events, but filler comics exist for a reason, to promote character growth and give us a break from the constant influx of plot. if I was to give you any advice, it would be to wait a few months after AVX to start your next event, just to give the dust some time to settle.

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Thankfully i'm not too upset at the changes being made in the X-Men because the X-Men seem to have been on a downward slope for a while now. Particularly Cyclops. Face it, his nickname of "Magneto jr." has been well earned by his actions, I do not see this event boding well for the X-Men.

I can understand the desperation at loosing ones people driving someone to extreme actions, but is it just me, or have the actions of the X-Men since the introduction of the Phoenix been bordering less on crazy, and more on stupid. Would they really have me believe that they would risk the entirety of the planet Earth (And by inclusion, all of the mutants) just for a gamble that some teenager who happened to be the first mutant born after M-Day would somehow be a sort of Messiah, and would somehow channel the power of the Phoenix (Something that not even Jean Grey could do right) and restore mutantkind even though it has been clearly stated that the only way to reverse the Scarlet Witch's spell is if she does it herself.

Logic itself is against the X-Men on this point.

P.S. Those costumes are horrific

Cyclops is Nightwing wearing Judge Dredd's helmet

Emma somehow managed to make herself look even sluttier than before (And for Emma, this is quite an achievement)

Illyana looks like a BSDM queen

Colossus looks like he dropped in from the Medival era

And Namor looks like a stripper

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