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: I'm actually liking the current Dark Knight story.

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: Talon is of particular interest to me. I started reading DC because of the New 52 relaunch and while I have jumped right in, it is interesting to be around when a new hero was created from a storyline that I read.

: Here's to hoping! Maybe I should put on my Blue Lantern ring.

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: I agree, but at the same time that makes me less interested in these books. Plus, if it is an alternate reality, there go my hopes of Kid Eternity showing up in the New 52 after such a good comic. Either way, I will likely not buy this title this week.

: I am the same way. Currently I buy 8-9 titles a week and anywhere from 32-36 titles a month, though most of them are DC. When the New 52 first launched I was buying 51 titles a month. All except Static Shock, because I hate that guy!

: I feel that way about Batman right now.

: Consider it done. I'm a little biased against that title this week. I will do a stand alone review on the title but also keep an eye out for a blog that will feature what I feel the problems are with Vampires in the New 52 and in all media today.

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There are a lot of iffy title on my list this week that may get cut sometime in the future. I'm also going back and rereading my entire blackest night TPBs because I finally got the last one I needed a few months ago and I want to read it start to finish in the order it came out. I have a bunch of books with little paper tabs sticking out say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ect.

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@GiveUpNed said:

I'm keeping the dream alive!

Honestly so much has happened in this series since this thread has gone up I think that people's views on Starfire should be completely different. This last arc was really Starfire heavy. We saw her in a new costume (do you think she'll go back to the old one when she returns to Earth?), we saw her go in depth into her past and present, and she even mentioned that she may be in love on Earth (I am assuming she means Roy). She seems like a completely different Starfire than the one we all debated 7 months ago.

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Well I hope it is good for both our sakes!

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Yeah. I think I will be getting the Marvel NOW! Point One book too. *Sigh* I still can't believe it's 5.99 though.

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I haven't ever read it either, but thanks for the cue. Maybe if I enjoy the writing I will pick it up.

Yeah that was another thing that drove me bonkers, the jumping back and forth all the time!

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I only read the first issue of G.I. Combat. It wasn't bad, but I didn't want to try reading it. I wasn't really into Men of War either. I am looking forward to the upcoming JLA.

I really like Jeff Lemire's work. I love Animal Man and thoroughly enjoy Justice League Dark since he took over (before him it was kinda lagging). When did he stop writing Frankenstein? His departure from the title might have been what caused me to drop it.

Agreed. I have already dropped both Red Lanterns (Until this month because of the 3rd Army Story Line) and Firestorm and I could easily lose one of the many Bat Titles.

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I'm not familiar with the writer on this next DCU arc, but that isn't saying much as I just started reading comics again last year.

I spend about 25 to 30 bucks a week on comics, which has actually scaled back quite a bit!

Good list. I dropped Supergirl after the Banshees. I loved the series up to that point but it lost me after that. Batwoman was good but it feels a little slow for me, not enough story gets resolved and it feels like it has been going around in circles.