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Talking about a "kiss" is not a substitute for a relationship. DC tries and play the two off as a "power couple", but they are playing no part in each others' personal lives. That's what being in a relationship is about. It's the equivalent of kissing a coworker, but you never see each other outside of work.

But again... they're NOT in a relationship. It was one kiss, a single moment and nothing more. It's like a kiss at the end of a first date. You don't know if it's serious yet or even if there will be a second date, but there is enough chemistry to try the waters. Wonder Woman and Superman haven't even been on a date, they kissed seeking comfort from someone they considered an equal, someone who wouldn't get hurt the way they had hurt the people closest to them before. It was nice, which is exactly what the both of them said in Justice League.

As for DC making them out to be a... "Power Couple", that is based on your opinion too I believe. Yes, there has been a lot of publicity around the kiss but that is because, as far as I know and granted I am a new reader to the New 52, it has never happened in the regular DC universe? Is that right. I know there had been one-shots and what-ifs surrounding the possibility, but as far as I know the too were never an item in an on-going title. I think it's unfair for the community to claim that this was strictly for publicity and strictly to sell more comics for a title that has been consistently at the top of the charts week in and week out. Was it meant to have some shock value? Of course! But then writers should ALWAYS be trying new things otherwise stories become predictable, boring, and stale.

And finally, as I said, it was a spur of the moment kiss. There was a spark where two friends/acquaintances realize they have more in common than they realized and it lead to one single moment. To claim there is anymore to it is crazy and it is not implied anywhere in the books. You don't have to know someone outside of work to kiss, you don't have to be best friends to slip into an embrace, as I said before, people kiss (sometimes even more) on first dates all the time and that doesn't mean they call that person the very next day and suddenly start spending all their free time (if they have ANY free time as super-heroes) together. Not to mention that Superman probably shouldn't show up in WW comics because of his weakness to Magic, he could be severely vulnerable around the gods.

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@FoxxFireArt said:

Comics may seem to like making couples in comics, but they also seem incapable of writing a relationship. They put people together then write nothing for them.

I can't take the Superman and Wonder Woman relationship at all seriously, and I see it as little more than a tabloid DC created for press attention. It's evident in that they are only a couple in one comic series, and don't seem to appear in the other person's individual comic. I'm becoming more and more intrigued with how long DC can continue miking this fake relationship until it completely runs dry. So far, they're milking it for all it's worth.

That's a lot of opinion based on, by my count, 4 comics. Also by my count, 3 of the 4 titles have at least mentioned 'the kiss'. The only title that didn't mention the kiss has been the WW title which basically seems to be devoid of any contact with the rest of the DC universe. I don't even think they have mentioned Steve Trevor in the stand along WW title.

As far as taking them seriously 'as a couple', no one expects you too. The last Justice League comic went as far as to say that it was a kiss, not a proposal for marriage. That's it. Honestly, fans are the ones making a big deal out of it, not the writers.

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@xtremekidx said:

this book is ending???aw man...i just started reading it after #0 and was really impressed!

How said it was ending? I haven't seen word on that?

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: I'm just one of the lucky ones with a good job still and a good disposable income I guess!

: Oh wow, do you ever need to catch up on Swampy and Animal Man. They are my favorite comics right now. If I could only afford 2 issues a month, I would by these two titles.

: That is the only one out of all the brilliant titles this week?

: Yeah, it has been hit or miss. A couple of the characters interest me though.

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Their are good comics on those lists. I noticed that neither of you are reading Stormwatch. Have you read any of them? Does the title not hold any interest for you?

I use ComicList too. It is the site I use to do this weekly blog in fact.

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@JamDamage said:

Not that I care, but didn't DC do this whole new 52 for new YOUNGER readers? Isn't one of the reasons that Wonder Woman keeps showing up in places with pants on, because of the YOUNGER readers. Why would they have Jimmy in a sex scene?

I thought it was to draw in new readers not just younger readers?

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I don't think this has anything to do with the publishing houses and everything to do with the Writers. For example, I laughed in the latest issue of Superman when Scott Lobdell wrote that he created a Thermal Updraft to gently waft a group of miners out of harm's way. Even it were possible to create kind of lift needed to lift a human being into the air, he literally would have burnt them to ash in the process.

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I liked everything on this list EXCEPT the sonar hearing.

Overall, I am not a fan of the issue and I posted a review on exactly why I didn't.

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: Thanks for the suggestion on the Sinestro Corps war. I'm waiting to start picking up any Marvel books until Marvel Now is in full swing.

: New writer = New life. The new arc is all Scarecrow and it has been pretty good.

: Aquaman is next week.

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: I know what you mean. I am working my way back through Blackest Night in order right now after finally getting all the TPBs. Once I get through that I am thinking I will move on to Brightest Day, or maybe backwards to the Sinestro Corps War.

: Talon seems to be a popular pick up this week.