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I would debate CitizenBane's claim that Batman never beat Superman in canon comics based on his own example in Superman/Batman #2. In his post, CB claims that: "Here Superman and Batman fight an alternate future version of Superman. I've included this because technically, it's still Superman vs Batman in canon content."

In the scans provided, Superman says "You know what I got sick of, Bruce? You kicking the **** out of me with your toys."

I feel that if we're going to include the fight to begin with, we have to accept evil Superman's word that Batman literally kicked the **** out of Superman. We may have never seen it on panel, but Superman admits that it happened and frequently enough for him to get tired of it happening. I say its an admission that in some canonical sense, Batman has beaten up Superman before with prep because that is why Bruce would have been using his toys. Just saying.

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Hey Guy(s) (and Gal). I think that should cover all my bases for whoever is on the Podcast when/if you get to my questions and comments. Let me say that I am really enjoying the podcasts. I'm a bit behind because the only chance I really get to listen is when I do my lunch time or afternoon workouts so I catch the podcast in stints of 45 minutes to an hour. But at least I always have something to listen to! Now that that is out of the way, let me jump into my questions and comments:

Tony; I'm with you on the whole Superior Spiderman being an interesting story and I am all for seeing where it goes. When I was a kid, the first round of Spider books I bought were right at the end of the Clone Saga so my first Spiderman really was Ben Reilly rather than Peter Parker so the whole switcheroo doesn't effect my enjoyment in the comic in the least, and the creative team is doing an awesome job exploring this story in the past 2 issues. My question today deals with your theory that Peter is still Peter with a lil bit O' Doc Ock 'flavor', if you will. It seems like it could be a sound theory, but I think there is one aspect that could poke a potential whole in it, should it ever come up. If you are right and Spiderman is now Peter/Ock then there shared experiences and memories should only converge to the point that Ock tainted Pete's brain with his own memories. What I am saying is that, if your theory holds true, Peter Parker should have no memory of breaking out of jail as Doc Ock and then dieing in the ailing body, right? Because at that point they would have been two separate entities again, one being Spidey(Peter/Ock) and the other one being Doc Ock(Ock/Peter). If Peter shows any hint of memory of that small amount of time after the 'switch' then I don't think your theory can be possible. Thoughts?

My second question is about an issue I have heard you mention multiple times about the Mars Colony in Superman Comics. Now, I have not read the issue so I don't know the extent of the colony on Mars, but your objection seems strange to me. It is well established that technology in the comic book world is far more advanced than our own, am I right? Being that they have all these alien civilizations making contact and agencies like S.H.A.D.E. and the Blackhawks confiscating and studying alien craft and technology, it should be well ahead of ours. Who far advanced do you think their tech is? Can we agree it seems at least 30 years ahead of our own? If you do think that is at least an adequate assumption, if humanity is currently planning on putting a colony on Mars by 2023 now, why does it come as such a shock to see it in Superman?

And finally is only a comment on your 1/25 podcast where you and Sara have a brief philosophical debate on how similar a clone would be to a duplicate. I'm on Sara's side here. While a clone might be a genetic duplicate, they would still develop their own personality based on their own experiences, much like twins do. In your defense you used Kaine as an example stating that even though he doesn't WANT to be a super hero, he is forced to perform heroic deeds because of the Parker biology. Now, I haven't read the full Clone Saga, but correct me if I am wrong in assuming that Kaine was created as a full grown adult? If that is the case, the reason the Parker biology plays such a big part in his life is because he may not have been ACTUALLY raised by Aunt May and Uncle Ben, but he would have been cloned with those memories. It's his experiences AFTER his cloning that has made him so different (I.e. the disease in his body, the hatred of Ben Reilly, his eventual cure, ect). Obviously he doesn't operate the same as Spiderman in his crime fighting, which is why he is outfitted with the Stingers right?

That's all I had! Sorry if it was long winded but I have a lot of time on my hands to think while I listen and I wanted to get those off my chest. Thanks for doing what you do!

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I like this story. I didn't get to catch Dredd in the theater because with 2 kids it's hard to catch every movie I want to see. I finally got to watch it the other night on Directv Cinema and I did really like it. It was an awesome movie and really makes me think about going back and looking for some Judge Dredd trades.

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@Reignmaker said:

0.0 That awkward moment when you realize the thread revolves one particular week, not month.

Lol. Yeah. I get a lot of comments about the amount of comics that I buy on a weekly basis. I swear I'm trying to cut back! The problem is that I haven't read comics in a long time and so when the new 52 launched I dove in and actually bought 51 of the 52 titles that started. The same thing has happened with Marvel NOW. Being out of reading for so long and having never read DC comics, I didn't know what stories and what writers I would like best so I have hedging my bets so to speak. Plus with a two income house I have quite a bit of disposable income...

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@xtremekidx said:

i dont know all the names so forgive me!

Wow, I'm honored to be mentioned at all! Hopefully I'll earn that respect as I try to post more frequently as blogging more consistently is one of my New Years resolutions this year!

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I am a huge Dresden novel fan so I think I will check out the Dresden book.

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: I haven't been much into Superman in the N 52 but I will consider taking a look at it.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@MonkeyToe said:

: Inside the new 52?

the New 52 is on Earth Prime or do you mean in a multiverse sort of way?

Yeah in a Multiverse kind of way. Like Earth 2

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: Inside the new 52?

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Does this take place outside the New 52 Multiverse?