My Buy List - Oct 31 (Happy Halloween!)

Easy decision week for comic books as we are getting a few annuals and Aquaman and that is about it.

My Week In Review

This last week has been a breath of fresh air for me. Last week I capped off my last two college courses for the year after completing a 6 page paper and two finals. I feel confident enough that I'll be finishing both classes with passing grades. With that weight off my shoulder, I was able to have a relaxing and restful weekend, even if they always seem too short. With no homework hanging over my head, I let myself relax and stayed up late playing World of Warcraft with my wife and reading my comic books. Most of the titles I picked up last week were pretty good. A couple were as outstanding as always like All Star Western and Justice League Dark, who at this point have earned permanent spots on my pull list every week. My surprise for the week was I, Vampire. I know I spent a portion of last week's blog complaining about this title and it's unoriginal angle, but this week's developments on that title made it refreshing and new for me. But I will go into that more when I do a review on it as I promised. I also picked up two titles last week that I had previously canceled. Red Lanterns doesn't seem any better than I remember it but I picked it up for the Third Army tie in regardless. Superman's new creative team had seemed to be on the right track in the first half of the book but they lost me as soon as the fighting started. For more details, you can read my review.

But let's look forward...


Being the 5th Wednesday of the month means that we are only getting a few New 52 books this week and the ones we are getting are Annuals, besides Aquaman.

1. Aquaman #13 - Wow it feels like it has been such a long time since we've read the last Aquaman and it feels like I may have forgotten why I like this series so much. Part of the problem was 0 month and how it broke up the stories so much. It feels like only some of the title made effective use of their 0 issues, like Justice League Dark who gave us a very relevant glimpse into Constantine's and Zatanna's past and set us up to meet the group's current villain, Nick Necro. Undoubtedly, this issue of Aquaman will reignite my interest in this story.

2. Batgirl Annual #1 - I have often mentioned how I am constantly surprised by how much I enjoy this title. I was devastated two weeks ago to find it sold out in comic book stores due to it's tie in to the current DOTF arc. Luckily my local comic book store owner was on the ball and had already ordered more before the cut off for the reprint and I still managed to get a copy last week complete with the Joker's Face cover on it. This book was on point again this month as the Knightfall story arc for it's conclusion... or did it? By the end of it we see the culmination of the early three Batgirl arcs and how they are adding to Barbara's trouble as Knightfall and her goons continue to haunt her. And of course, Barabara's nightmares come to life by the end of the book in the DOTF tie in. I am eager to see what the Annual has in store for us.

3. Justice League Dark Annual #1 - Double helpings of this title this month is going to be awesome. The story of the books of magic has been intriguing and I can't wait to see it get deeper. I'm not sure how tied is this annual will be with current events in the title, but even some more background on some of the team's members would be awesome.

4. Swamp Thing Annual #1 - Few stories since the launch of the New 52 have been as good the Rotworld epic that has been unfolding in the pages of Animal Man and Swamp Thing. I have been loving these books since page 1 of the first issue. It makes me wonder where these books are going to go once the Rotworld story has been resolved. We have building up for this for so long, what do the writers have planned for us next?

Game Day Decisions

A + X #1 - I'm probably going to pick this title up thanks to G-Man's recommendation in his weekly essential comics segment. I'm not sure if I am going to like the team-up style of the books, but I am willing to give it a shot.

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My list:

Action Comics Annual

American Vampire #32

Aquaman #13

JLD Annual

Swampy Annual

Ultimate Comics Spidey #16.1

Winter Soldier #12

Wolverine and the X-men #19

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I also think Zero Month threw up a block for a lot of series, Aquaman being one of them.