My Buy List - Nov 7

My Week In Review

Welcome to my latest installment of the comics I plan on buying as well as some of my musings on my past titles. Due to the fifth Wednesday I didn’t have to spend much money and got titles that I have been enjoying. For the most part everything was pretty consistent and good. Swamp Thing was excellent, as always, and its annual kind of split the difference. It existed in the current Rotworld arc while being mostly a flash back and an exercise in characterizing the main characters and their relationship with one another. Justice League Dark was also excellent even if some of the dialogue was a bit cheesy on a few pages. And though I am eager to see where the arc is going on these Books of Magic, I kind of question the decision to wrap up an arc in an annual. Any fans of JLD NEED to pick up the annual as it is bound to be essential information in the upcoming issues. Batgirl’s annual was completely unconnected to the current arc in her title. It was good as a standalone story and annual, though I don’t like Catwoman’s role in this story. She fought a Talon so she should have been well aware of what the organization wanted that she was up against. Why would she have accepted such a job to begin with? It would have been better to have her breaking the Talon out to give her a chance at redemption as Catwoman is often portrayed as a sort of savior to women from the street. And A + X was a light read and I enjoyed it.


1. Animal Man #14 – Always eager to see what this title has in store for us next. The Rot controlled future is looking bleak for both the Swamp Thing and Animal Man. I can’t wait to see how this story resolves itself and if/how Buddy and Swampie get back to their own time. Or has the Rot already won?

2. Dial H #6 – This offbeat title is so much fun that I would suggest anyone should give it a read. Now would be a good hopping on point as the title wraps up its first arc and starts in on a new one that involves exploring some of the darker personas the dialer can dial into! I want to know more about where this piece of magic or technology comes from!

3. Earth 2 #6 – This title in the alternate reality of Earth 2 has been interesting enough to keep me entertained. The current arc is an Earth 2 twist on the Rotworld story going on but doesn’t feel as epic. The interesting aspect of this book is the loss of the major Supers from the world and the emergence of new heroes.

4. Green Lantern #14 – I’ve loved the Green Lantern title apart from the rest of the Lantern titles. The Green Lantern Hal Jordan is one of my favorite characters to the point that my wife went out and bought me his #1 back from the 60s. I like the Sinestro and Carol Ferris stories as well as the Indigo Tribe and Black Hand plots that have been going on. I’m not sold on the whole Third Army thing yet, but here’s hoping that it will grow on me.

5. Stormwatch #14 – Stormwatch was in danger, despite having some of the most interesting characters like Midnighter and Jack Hawksmore, of losing my interest. But with the 0 Issue and the Involvement of Etrigan in their story, I am intrigued enough to keep reading it for now.

6. Swamp Thing #14 – Just like with Animal Man, I look forward to this title every month and the Rotworld Story has been one of the best I think I have ever read. I am eager to see some more rot ridden heroes as well as finding out what our heroes are going to do next.

7. Deadpool #1 – This is going to be the first Marvel Now title I pick up. After reading the preview recently it looks hilarious, as Deadpool usually does.

Game Day Decisions

1. Worlds' Finest #6 – I had previously dropped this titles but the next issue has what I have been waiting for: our heroes from Earth 2 interact with heroes from Earth 1 for the first time! But still, I am tempering my expectations. I don’t like the way that the Huntress has no interest in Batman. If my dad died, even seeing a alternate reality version of him would go a long way, but she wants nothing to do with him at all.

2. Detective Comics #14 – Do I really need another Bat title? Especially at 3.99?

3. Iron Man #1 – I’m not much of an Iron Man fan.

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Edited by SmashBrawler

Nice choices.

Plenty of comics for me this week:

  • Action Comics
  • Animal Man
  • Daredevil: End of Days
  • Dial H
  • Earth 2
  • Green Lantern
  • Swamp Thing
  • Uncanny X-Force

Jeez, I'm almost glad UFX is ending.

Edited by tomlikesfries

Mother of God... My pull list for this week is huge. Here it is:

Amazing Spider-Man #697

Action Comics #14

Animal Man #14

Detective Comics #14

Earth 2 #6

Green Lantern #14

Swamp Thing #14

Deadpool #1

Iron Man #1

Scarlet Spider #11

Uncanny X-Force #33

Shadowman #1

Posted by SmashBrawler

@tomlikesfries: You know I was wondering... is Amazing Spider-Man really coming out this week? Because it was in my list, but then I checked this, and apparently ASM isn't coming out this week (despite what Marvel's website says).

Posted by tomlikesfries

@SmashBrawler: Hahaha. I was wondering the exact same thing. I always check out a website called comiclist, which shows us all the comic releases and ASM wasn't there.

I saw your list and googled about issue #697's release date, and it said November 7th in the marvel website. As you can see, I actually edited my post and added ASM, so I'm not really sure.

Posted by MonkeyToe

Their are good comics on those lists. I noticed that neither of you are reading Stormwatch. Have you read any of them? Does the title not hold any interest for you?

I use ComicList too. It is the site I use to do this weekly blog in fact.

Edited by chocobojam

My only pull list this week is AvX consequence 5 and All new x-men 1

Posted by tomlikesfries

@chocobojam: All-New X-men is only gonna come out next week (14/11/2012).

@MonkeyToe: Never read Stormwatch. Is it any good?

Posted by xtremekidx

even though i havent read marvel ever,im trying to get in using marvel now....uncanny avenger was a bit fail for me as it had to much background needed to get in..

might try out ironman and deadpool as last ditch effort to get into marvel...

other than that would like to read DC,GL and E2

Posted by TitanTempest

Im picking up Stormwatch and Earth 2. And getting the trades for Flash and Redhood & the Outlaws

Posted by The_jackolantern

Gonna go for detective comics 14 Earth 2 6 even tho I'm not sure if I care about this comic Green lantern 14 Uncanny x-force Daredevil end of days 2 And maybe deadpool 1 if it looks any good

Posted by SmashBrawler

@MonkeyToe: I read the first arc and it didn't interest me. When J'onn left the team I lost absolutely any interest in the book whatsoever. I've never been a WildStorm fan, anyway.

Posted by Stormbox

Only detective comics

Posted by briangsharon
  • Earth 2 #6
  • Green Lantern #14

    On location decisions
  • Detective Comics #14
  • Deadpool #1

    I have the trades of Swamp Thing and Animal Man and loved both.I Wish I had followed and collected from the start.
    I find my self not buying these great titles because I'm not caught up :(
Posted by Lvenger

Jeez how can you afford 7 comics a week you lucky thing? I'm limited to 8 comics a month for my pull list :(

Posted by MonkeyToe

: I'm just one of the lucky ones with a good job still and a good disposable income I guess!

: Oh wow, do you ever need to catch up on Swampy and Animal Man. They are my favorite comics right now. If I could only afford 2 issues a month, I would by these two titles.

: That is the only one out of all the brilliant titles this week?

: Yeah, it has been hit or miss. A couple of the characters interest me though.

Posted by tomlikesfries

You should all give Shadowman a try. Just read it and it's damn good. New-reader friendly as well.

Posted by Mucklefluga

I'm getting Deadpool, Green Lantern and Earth 2.