My Buy List - Dec 17

My Week in Review

Things have settled more or less into their normal routine after the past few months of traveling back and forth between Texas and Florida, despite the flurry surrounding the upcoming holiday. At least we always celebrate Christmas at home, even if we are expecting a half dozen family members to join us. My schedule may get hectic in the coming weeks, but I am hoping to be able to retreat to a quiet closet in my house to keep up with my reading and blogging! But without further ado, let me get into some of my favorite moments from last week.


So last week was a week full of Death of the Family tie ins and Joker seemed to be out in full force in all of the Bat Titles last week. These titles were pretty good, with the best being Batman in my opinion. Also, though I am sad that writer Paul Cornell for Demon Knights has written his last issue, I have loved the run so far and I can only hope that the next team can continue the momentum.


I am not a fan of the Third Army arc in the Green Lantern books. It's feeling drawn out or hardly being addressed at all, as we saw in the last Green Lantern Corps book that barely dealt with it. Suicide Squad is seeming more like a Harley solo these days and not as good. Cable and the X Force was an ok read, but I didn't feel as if it was a good jumping on part for new readers at all. Also, let it be known that I REALLY hate this Marvel bi-weekly schedule. Books are coming out way to fast and proposing a real problem on my wallet. If this is some marketing scheme by Marvel, I think it may backfire on them in the long run.


1. Green Lantern #15 - I'm loving this title as well as the new Green Lantern and I am eager to see where this story is going to end up. I am hoping to see some more of what is going on with Hal Jordan and Sinestro.

2. Green Lantern New Guardians #15 - I like the idea of this book but not necessarily the execution. I am interested in seeing how exactly Kyle Raynor is going to handle wielding the entire spectrum of color's but I don't like that it completely changes his personality each time he does. We should all have the potential to feel each of these emotions but that doesn't change who we are fundamentally. It seems to me that when Kyle wields the Rage and Fear rings he turns slightly villainous, which doesn't feel right for him.

3. Nightwing #15 - To be honest... I'm only holding onto this series on my list for the Death of The Family tie in. Once that wraps up, I may or may not continue reading this book. That's not to say that the writing hasn't been awesome on the title. I think the problem is A) I have no connection to Dick Grayson. As a new reader, I didn't grow up reading Dick Grayson as Robin adventures. And B) I can only read so many comics about the same thing! Not trying to diss the character or anything, but the Bat family seems far too mired in this tragic past turned crime fighting fuel dynamic. They all operate pretty much the same so much so that I have even dropped Birds of Prey now that they are without Poison Ivy.

4. Red Hood And The Outlaws #15 - The saving factor on this book is that it is such an eccentric mix that it keeps it interesting. The group is not focused only in Gotham, and Starfire really offsets the Crime Fighting via Technology of Red Hood and Arsenal. What can I say, I like variety.

5. Wonder Woman #15 - Even though she seems to occupy a different corner of the DC Universe in her solo title than she does on the Justice League, the story hear is interesting enough to keep me wanting more. Still, it would be nice to see the title come a little closer to the Mainstream DC Universe.

6. All-New X-Men #4 - I am loving this book too. I never read the original X-men titles and I didn't read any of the A vs X story but I was able to jump right in and start enjoying this book from the very start.

7. Avengers Arena #2 - This title has gotten a lot of hate. I came into it without ties to any of the characters and actually enjoyed issue 1 enough to give the second a chance.

Game Day Decisions

With Marvel pumping out so many titles so fast I can't be buying them all so I may have to start picking and choosing. The below titles have earned only a nod of interest and may be on the chopping block if I am really forced to choose in the coming months.

8. Cable And X-Force #2

9. FF #2

10. Indestructible Hulk #2

11. Thor God Of Thunder #3 (Esad Ribic Regular Cover), $3.99

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