Comic Ranking - Mar 7

Running Behind

Yeah, Yeah, I know, it is a bit late for me to be revisiting last weeks comics being that a new batch is on the shelves this very moment. Besides that, I didn't finish last weeks comics until today (yes I read the last 4 at work!) because I accidentally left my unread comics at work over a long 4 day weekend. In the mean time, I have been passing my hours away by playing SWTOR (Ding! Level 40!), reading the final book of the Hunger Games (though I have slowed down so it will hold me over until the movie releases), and I picked up my second TPB in THE BLACKEST NIGHT: GREEN LANTERN. By the end of this month, I will have a full rating on where all the titles of THE NEW 52 are ranked on my list and I will start deciding which title to drop.

Without further ado, here is my ranking of last weeks comics

1. Swamp Thing - I have been loving this title from the very beginning, but this issue seemed particularly on focus this week. The horror theme of the book really worked this week as Alec Holland dies twice over as the walking dead assault him and then again as he finally gives in to being the Swamp Thing. The art and layout are spectacular, the pacing is perfect, and the story telling is almost poetic. All the pieces fit together to make this a masterpiece.

2. Night Force - I am hot on this title right now, being that it just started and we are already full of questions. It wasn't my favorite in terms of artwork, but I fell in love with the story right away.

My Review of Night Force

3. Animal Man - Another excellent book week in and week out. This title got bumped down to the number 3 spot because it does feel like it's being a bit stretched out. But even though they don't go anywhere in this book, there are things that I love. I loved Buddy helping his son look cool in front of the ladies (but on the flip side, I dislike Clint's attitude. He obviously has a loving father and I don't see why he would have such a problem with relating to such a kind father figure). I also really loved the introduction of Animal Woman, or Buddy's daughter in a premonition who had teamed up with Swamp Thing and a much older John Constantine (Oh please DC give us a title based on this story in an alternate world!)

4. Batman: Detective Comics - This was something of a surprise to me. It seems like the end of the current story arc really drove the story home. All the pieces slipped in to place and with the resolution I came away with a new found respect for The Penguin!

5. Action Comics - A good issue of this title and I am happy to be back to the main storyline. I liked the introduction of Kandor and Superman's adventure on Brainiac's ship. I also liked the Steel mini in the back. I was much happier with the second installment than the first.

6. Justice League International - I got a real sense of the team this week in the wake of the tragic bombing. For the first time, the group felt cohesive as even Guy and Booster put aside their differences for the common goal. And of course, nothing brings a team closer together than some kind of traumatic event. The title still has some issues, but I feel it is still well worth the read.

7. Red Lanterns - Right now I am obsessing over just about everything Lantern related since I have started picking up the Blackest Night series and maybe that some what skews my interest in this title. It is enjoyable but far from perfect. I wish they would pick a storyline and follow it, like they do in The Green Lantern Corps, rather than bouncing from arc to arc.

8. Stormwatch - This issue wasn't the greatest. It features bad humor, bad dialogue, and a tie-in to an issue of Grifter that wouldn't be released for another week, which seems foolish to me. I would almost be tempted to drop this title if not for the fact that Jack Hawksmoor is awesome. I really want to see more of his character as well as Midnighter. Also, the writer who wrote this issue isn't staying on for long so I can justify suffering through it.

My Review of Stormwatch

9. Hawk & Dove - The positives barely outweigh the negatives of this title where campy dialogue and apparent 'roid rages run a muck. Beneath all the garbage there is a story that I might actually enjoy. The hunter was interesting, though I question his choice of weaponry in the urban jungle.

10. Batwing - Suffering just from lack of my interest. The characters are ok, the story is engaging, and the action is there. I just find it hard for me to connect with the title. It may get dropped after the Court of Owls cross over event.

11. Green Arrow - Barely earned itself a stay of execution this week with the new creative team. The premise is ok, but the execution seems shoddy and the pace is much to fast. I felt like I had A.D.D. as I tried to read through this latest issue.

12. O.M.A.C. - The Red-Headed Step-Child of the bunch. I feel like the creative team is trying to see just how awful they can make the book between now and it's cancellation.

My Review of O.M.A.C

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