Waiting for Wednesday

Last Wednesday was a slow comic book day which always results in a few days where I have nothing to read. This past week wasn't as bad because I picked up the Blackest Night trade paperback. Unfortunately I absorbed it all by Saturday night. I still had a few hold overs from the previous few weeks that have been keeping me reading. I finished Voodoo and DC Universe Presents (which I found rather boring.) I am still in the middle of All Star Western as of last night, but I will probably complete this book tonight when I get home. To get me through the rest of tonight and tomorrow I will be relying on Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games," which I started over the weekend and have been enjoying so far. Heading into Wednesday my most anticipated titles are:

  1. Animal Man
  2. Swamp Thing
  3. Night Force
  4. Stormwatch
  5. Red Lanterns
  6. Batwing
  7. Justice League International
  8. Action Comics
  9. Hawk and Dove
  10. Detective Comics
  11. Green Arrow
  12. Men of War
  13. O.M.A.C.

I also plan on taking a close look at the books I'm buying so that I can begin "The Culling" (named in honor of the approaching Teen Titan event). I'll be taking some of the comics off my Subs list and re-direct those funds towards buying TPBs so I can catch up on the older history of the DCU. From the above list, Men Of War and O.M.A.C. would have been culled long ago if not for the fact that they will be canceled soon anyway. I figure I may as well have the full run on the books. Green Arrow gets a stay of execution to see if the new creative team will be able to catch my interest. If not, this book will also be culled. I'm just waiting for the current arc to end in Detective Comics before pulling the title. Batwing will also likely get pulled. The story and art have been good, I just don't find myself invested in the locale or the hero.

As for the next TPB, I'm torn between FLASHPOINT, coming out, or furthering my new found obsession on Green Lantern and purchasing BRIGHTEST DAY to compliment my recent read of BLACKEST NIGHT. Any suggestions are welcome!


Comic Ranking - Feb 22-29

Blackest Night

Yesterday was a slow comic book day for me. I'm focused on the DC Universe at the moment so DC comics are the only ones I buy week in and week out. Because it was a slow comic day, I picked up the TPB for Green Lantern's Blackest Night. This will be my first real plunge into the Pre-DCnU and I have heard such good things about the series that I couldn't resist picking this one up first. I read Part I last night (the first comic in the series) and I loved it. I can tell I am a little behind in the story because I chose such an odd spot to jump in, but I will go back and catch up eventually. My next TPB will either be Brightest Day or The Sinestro Corps War. Until then, I am trying to savor the current story.

My Top Comics

Starting in March I am going to start ranking all of the comics I read from my number 1 favorites to my least favorites and start my own "Culling" as it were, dropping titles from my subs list that consistently disappoint me. Up to now, I have been buying 51 out of 52 of the new titles and I could really use to scrap some of these titles. But without further ado...

Feb 22 & Feb 29 Comic Books

1. The Justice League - I am really, and have been since the beginning, really enjoying this title. I especially loved the latest issue number 6. The wrap up couldn't have been more satisfying for me.

2. Green Lantern: New Guardians - This is another of my favorite titles, and one that I look forward to every week that DC puts it out. The story just has an Epic feel to it. I still remember the excitement I felt when Kyle Raynor was surrounded by 7 different power rings in the first issue and I am interested to see where this title goes next as the corps battle the new threat Invictus.

3. Teen Titans - Another title that I look forward to every week. This week it would have been higher on the list, but I am not a huge fan of Static Shock. I know he is joining the team, I just hope his addition to the title doesn't ruin my enjoyment of it.

4. The Flash - This is a consistently good book. I'm a big fan for the comic book teams because the stories always feel bigger and the threat more imminent simply because it is a job that can't be handled by just one hero, but the stories in this book are good.

5. Superman - With issue 6 and the way they wrapped up Superman's current story raised this book in my ranking. I still think it was a little drawn out, but after looking back and seeing where the story ended up, I find I do enjoy it.

6. Justice League Dark - This title landed as high as it did on my list because I want to like it, thought it does has some major flaws that need to be worked out.

My Review of Justice League Dark

7. I, Vampire - This book has actually gradually improved in my opinion. Once they got to Gotham City and you could see the actual tie-ins with the DC universe, I started enjoying it more. Batman's presence certainly hasn't hurt the book. I still have some criticisms, but they aren't as harsh as when I first picked up the title and I am waiting to see how they handle 'The Rise of the Vampires' crossover.

8. Aquaman - This book has fallen on my list, though I expect that to just be an aberration caused by the recent filler (issue 6) and the mishandling of Mera. Typically, I enjoy reading this title and the upcoming storyline should have no problem keeping my interest.

9. Batman Beyond Unlimited - I just picked this series up on a whim. I'm not familiar with the Beyond universe and because of that, I'm not sure that I am relating to the story.

10. Batman: The Dark Knight - Not one of my favorite comics, obviously. The story has been slow and I don't like the portrayal of Bane and the White Rabbit seems to have little to do with the story. This book is in danger of being 'culled'.

My Review of Batman: The Dark Knight

11. The Savage Hawkman - Another title I wish I liked more, especially after reading the first part of the Blackest Night. Hawkman seems to have had a rich back-story in the pre-DCnU and I'm not sure the reboot is doing him justice, even if his look seems to be a little cooler and modern. This book is also in danger of being 'culled'.

12. The Fury of Firestorm - I started out really enjoying this title. The shock of two teenagers fueled by nuclear fire and being hunted by a secret organization was exciting, even if I did feel that Jason's attitude against Ronnie was unfair and a little far fetched. Teenaged Angst and misplaced anger has derailed the book though as the boys hop into bed with the enemy and turn on each other. This book is in danger of being 'culled'.

My Review of The Fury Of Firestorm

13. Blackhawks - This book just gets worse every month. The only reason it hasn't and won't be culled is that DC announced it's cancellation and I figure I might as well get the full run. Still, I find myself looking forward to the book's demise.

My Review of Blackhawks

Unread Titles

I try to space my reading so that the books I buy last me until I get my next round of comics. I am going extra slow this week since the only comics I picked up last night were Batman Beyond and Justice League. I even picked up The Blackest Night TPB to supplement me reading until next week. The other titles I have left to read are:

All-Star Western #6

Voodoo #6

DC Universe Presents: Challengers of the Unknown #6


Comic Collector Reborn

Relaunching My Passion

I have been an on and off comic book collector since I was a teenager, spending what little money I had or made on picking up some of my favorite comics. I read through Spider-Man's Clone Saga. I have followed the X-Men at various stages of there careers. I read through Marvel's Civil War. In my previous experiences as a comic book enthusiast, I had been exclusively a Marvel reader and just refused to even admit that DC comics existed. I haven't collected comics for a long time. I didn't have the time or the money or even a comic book store to go to. But when I heard about The New 52 from DC I decided to jump back on the wagon and venture into new territory, The DC Universe, something I never thought would happen. But the re-numbering of 52 titles from number 1 was enough to appeal to my inner collector. I immediately subscribed to 51/52. The only comic I didn't subscribe too was Static Shock. When I was younger, I was never a fan of the cartoon and that transferred over to my collection in the form of completely ignoring the comic book. And I'm glad I did too, after reading John Rozum's blog on how the title was being handled. I have been enjoying many of the new comics immensely and I thought I would like to rate the 52 comics in order of how much I like them. This is just my opinion and my opinion is based on a beginning reader who has no real prior experience with any DC titles and based on how much I enjoy reading the titles and I'll spend my next few blog entries discussing why I choose the comics I did.

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