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i expect this from geek tyrant and maybe even newsarama but i thought comicvine was better than this...

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i hope DC have just accepted that they will never beat Marvel's profits over the last 4 years...maybe the movie will be good but i really do not want zack shiter attached to everything...

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but..but .. zod doesn't have a cape! and superman doesn't have an S on his cape! i hope they're not making these toys just for profit ;)

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a young christopher walken takes to the stand

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my major issue with the movie was how full of pathetic clichés it was. from superman killing zod and then collapsing with his "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" line to him drifting into space as though he was Jesus they just didn't seem to let up. the wilhelm scream popped up when some soldier got sucked out of a jet, zod was so evil even seeing it from a different angle (his for example) he still looked evil. the reason why ra's al ghul worked was because you could think from his POV (messed up as it is) and say "okay i can see where he's coming from". the movie just seemed like another zack snyder mistake in my opinion which is SO depressing because i wanted this movie to be so good. i mean maybe my hopes were too high but in the end i left the cinema with a feeling of regret

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Lex Luthor: Conservative

Batman: Liberal: no death penalty / no guns

Superman: Conservative (?)

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this is terrific news!! :D i'll be uploading an animated short of the spirit over summer hopefully so thank you!

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@stormbox: not as much a rumor anymore is it tho....

inferiority complexes are really annoying on geek sites / the internet in general but yea i do know a lot about superman. whatever... there's only so many times you can watch him fight darkseid or some super powerful being. same for iron man...iron man 2 had basically the same villain (well, a bunch of robots as opposed to one mega robot). the third one they started needing to be creative. but say that is what they do. he fights zod in this one and say, for arguments sake, brainiac in the next one. what about the third? darkseid? if he can keep fighting these absolute earth destroying monsters off (because i doubt they'll be doing a death of superman movie), then what's the point of a justice league movie?

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well this is.....bad

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thank you for pointing that out. i never would have realised if you hadn't said it actually!

like, how can zod hurt him? i mean why would zod be able to even touch him if even on krypton he would have had superpowers? that means zod is just a regular dude on earth....unless he got superpowers and superman just had them anyways but wouldn't that just mean that superman's powers would be gone when he'd come to earth? if it works backwards anyways. maybe zod will turn out to be his dad. that would be a plot twist!

plus zod is not a weakness. he's a guy who can hurt him. he doesn't get weak just because zod is around. superman needs to have something that can hurt him or let him be hurt. hopefully it will be brought in in the second movie...