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My whole stance on this is, whoever T'Challa gets with, she will have to be top-tier in the Marvel Universe for Marvel and fans to really care about her as queen of Wakanda or as his love interest.

I say this because sure T'Challa could get another love interest without too much trouble, but exactly how important will she be to the overall Marvel Universe in-story? Monica Lynne isn't all that important to the grand scheme of things, and neither is Monica Rambeau when you really think about it. Monica Rambeau has been placed into comic limbo before, as has Monica Lynne and any other romantic interest that T'Challa has ever had.

And I know there are numerous people who like Black Swan and want T'Challa to hook up with her, but my thoughts on that are, other than Jonathan Hickman, who is using her right now? After Hickman is done with "New Avengers," will he write Black Swan being an important Marvel Universe character in any other Marvel book? Will other writers use Black Swan in any other books after Hickman is done with "New Avengers?" In 2016, 2017, etc. will she be placed into limbo, or will Marvel promote her as a character? How important will she be as a character to Marvel at that point, when the Incursion story line is over? How important is she, really? Marvel seems to be more interested in Angela (a character from another comic book company/universe) than Black Swan.

God forbid that T'Challa ever go back into limbo, but if he did, any love interest he would currently have would go into limbo right along with him, as would Wakanda. That's why if he had a high profile queen or love interest, she potentially WOULDN'T go into limbo, even if HE or Wakanda did.

To me, that's one of the things Storm brought to the table. If the writers and editors had actually acted professionally and acted like adults in writing the royal couple instead of having them break up over some poorly written B.S. that made no logical sense whatsoever, Storm could have still represented Wakanda on the world stage, even if for some reason Black Panther and Wakanda were placed into limbo or weren't used in books that much. We still could have kept up with Wakandan events through Storm, since she is in several books right now (although her portrayal in some of those books is questionable at the moment). Storm, WHEN WRITTEN CORRECTLY AND WITHOUT ALL OF THE EDITORIAL AND WRITER HATERADE, brings so much to the table it's absolutely ridiculous. She's popular in-universe and outside-of-universe (cosplay, the general public knows who she is due to the X-Men movies), instantly recognizable, won't be placed into limbo ANY time soon, has been around since 1975 and is one of the most powerful mutants in the 616 universe. If she had remained queen of Wakanda, people would have learned more about Wakanda through her (if Black Panther wasn't appearing anywhere).

When I think of things like this, like Black Panther's love interests, I like to think of the long-term ramifications of these unions.

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For me it's hard to say, since we really haven't seen that many of them (especially when some of those feats aren't even shown, but we are told about them in the comic book).

I'll probably wait until Hickman's run on "New Avengers" is over before I come up with a list of T'Challa's best KOD feats.

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Hello everyone,

I've started the petition "Marvel Entertainment: Marvel Entertainment, please publish Christopher Priest's monumental 62-issue "Black Panther" series from 1998 - 2003, either in trade paperback form or in two omnibuses." and need your help to get it off the ground. Every time someone signs the petition, Marvel Entertainment will receive an e-mail about it.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:

Here's why it's important:

Currently, Mr. Priest's "Black Panther" series has only been collected in two paperback collections called "The Client" (Issues 1 - 5) and "Enemy Of The State" (Issues 6 - 12).

All of the other "Black Panther" series from other writers before Mr. Priest and after Mr. Priest have been collected in their entirety, which makes the incomplete collection of Mr. Priest's "Black Panther" series very noticeable.

The complete collection of Mr. Priest's "Black Panther" series will not only allow long-time Black Panther fans to complete their collections, but it will also allow newer Black Panther enthusiasts to have the complete definitive run at their fingertips, especially in time for Black Panther's 50th anniversary in 2016.

Thank you for your time.


The Fans of Black Panther



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In a fight to the death, Black Panther will always win. Black Panther kills. Batman doesn't.

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@Poisonfleur: You keep talking about Black Panther's actions as though he is a real person and writes himself. The writers are to blame for the way they had him treating Storm. I don't know why people keep neglecting to admit that fact. Writers choose to mess up certain characters for their own personal reasons. Had we had writers that actually cared about marriage and the royal marriage in particular, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

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@Crash_Recovery: These are comic does Wolverine manage to be in ten different places in ten different books at once? How does that work? And the marriage would have worked well if writers had stopped being unprofessional...Storm could have spent some time in Wakanda and some time with the X-Men...just like when Wolverine spends time with the X-Men and still manages to have his own solo adventures. Storm could have had her adventures with Black Panther and still had her adventures with her fellow mutants. This is fiction, where we come to accept that things are a bit "unrealistic." Also, if Black Panther had perfected Shadow Physics, he and Storm could have used the Nowhere Room to instantaneously travel back and forth from New York to Wakanda and vice-versa...Storm could have been in New York for adventures and then could have been back home in Wakanda in time for Black Panther to make her dinner. The only thing that was holding that marriage back was a lack of imagination and enthusiasm on the part of most Marvel writers.

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@Blood1991: I know not ALL Storm fans act the same way, which is why I made it a point to say "some" Storm fans in my comments. I'm sure there are a lot of other Storm fans who keep to themselves and appreciate Storm quietly without resorting to juvenile behavior, or who don't necessarily keep to themselves but still act and behave rationally and with maturity.

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@Blood1991: Even if some Storm fans were feeling "hurt," that was still no excuse to take it out on Black Panther fans or Black Panther for all of these years. Another thing is, Storm was not doing anything if importance in the X-books, which is why Marvel allowed Storm to go over to the Black Panther book. Had Storm been doing important things in the X-books then, would Marvel have allowed the character to go elsewhere? I doubt it. Also, despite what some people would try and have you believe, Storm was shown doing more in the Black Panther book than she had been doing in the X-Men books around the same time, especially since the X-books had become the Cyclops-Emma Frost-Wolverine show. A lot of Storm fans who resort to childish insults want to pretend like they are totally justified in what they do, and when you call them out on it, they fall back on the old excuse of "it was just a joke, lighten up." Like I said, this has been going on for years, with certain Storm fans on several websites forming cliques and thinking Black Panther, Wakanda and Black Panther fans are one huge joke. They hardly apologize (although Butterflykyss has apologized and I appreciate that)) and some never apologize and even get more outrageous in their behavior, just to try and prove a point. Have you ever tried talking reasonably and rationally with most Storm fans who despise Black Panther because he married Storm? It doesn't work...trying to reason with a lot of Storm fans simply does not work...especially when those Storm fans are part of a clique whose very existence is to mock, ridicule and make fun of Black Panther. I've been on these sites for YEARS...I've seen comments and "jokes" and taunts like you probably wouldn't believe. Another thing is, this thread was going on quite nicely with the back-and-forth of ideas about a Storm solo, until several "jokes" were told at Black Panther's expense for no good reason. Now, I can ignore this up to a point, but once that point has been exceeded (which it has, because like I keep saying, this has been building for years), something's gotta be done about it, and I would love it if moderators would crack down on that sort of thing. But I agree with you, I don't want this thread derailed any further. We should get back to talking about Storm's solo book (even though I think Storm and Black Panther could definitely work as a couple if Marvel showed as much love for them as it does for Susan and Reed Richards as a couple. The fact that Marvel has been tearing so many couples apart in the past few years is ridiculous and a bit suspicious).