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How can you guys even think DC? Just pick up Catwoman its a joke. Yes Wonder Woman is having a great run and Batwoman was good (the future of the series is yet to be seen) but the other books are hit or miss, Batgirl can't get anything going because it has to tie in with everything going on with Batman. After Forever Evil Pandora makes zero sense as a character, DC just doesn't know how to give its female characters an identity without being attached to a guy. I feel Marvel is having a better run Now with their female characters and if you don't think so then your not reading Marvel books and are talking from a fanboy point of view. Captain Marvel, Fearless Defenders (highly underrated), X-Men, are great female lead books. Then if you read the books you'll see that almost every book has very strong female characters in them, for example Medusa and She Hulk in FF, Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy, Pepper in Iron Man, Ms. America and Kate in Young Avengers, Sue Storm in Fantastic Four, Elektra in Thunderbolts, Sif in Thor. Not to mention all the mutants; Storm, Jean Grey, Rachelle Grey, Kitty Pryde, Psylocke, Magik, Emma Frost, Rouge. Plus a lot have had "makeovers" since the 90's. The ones that are still dressed a certain way also portray themselves as very sexual (Gamora, Emma Frost). Explain Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy, also maybe not in Wonder Woman's own title but in every other title shes in they tend to focus on her love life a lot. She has been seen with Superman, Colonel Trevor, and Orion. So Yes right now Marvel is winning, as far as the others publishers go its too open in Image and Dynamite is a joke being on this list.

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Hey G-Man,

The casting of Vin Diesel and Bradley Cooper to do what seems to be a silly voice acting job has me wondering if that's just marvel's way of bringing them into the picture for a larger role down the line. I myself can see Vin Diesel playing Vision in a future Marvel movie and Bradley Cooper just screams Captain Marvel to me. As Marvel is obviously not shying away from their Cosmic property's can you see a Bradley Cooper Captain Marvel movie maybe in one of those unannounced Phase 3 movies?

Also How do you think they will handle Gravitron in Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? He seems too big for small team of SHIELD agents.

Thank you for your time. Love the podcasts

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So far they have talked about Hydra and in episode 3 provided the origin story for freaking Gravitron. These early episodes are laying the ground work for a bigger story down the line. Yes Skye is annoying but at least we saw a more serious Agent Coulson in episode 3. I like the show so far and doubt its going anywhere anytime soon. This is a Disney funded show on a Disney owned channel, its safe for now. Plus how bad would it suck if we never got to season two, which if timed correctly would lead right into Avengers 2.

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What if he gives himself the Parker Particles? That would explain the new abilites and also drive fanboys to rage over the changes. Either way can't wait for 700.

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It seems like a lot of people here are just DC fans and haven't even touched WWH. He beats everyone! Inhumans, Gamma Corps, FF, X-men, Avengers, In a day and ends with a epic battle against Sentry you know the guy with the power of a million exploding suns. The TT are fun but this battle wouldn't last a comic. WWH isn't your average hulk his rage blocked Professor X and Emma Stone out of his head. Even after his battle with Sentry with left them so exhusted that both Hulk and Sentry returned to their human form, Hulk was brought out again and was so enraged that he took one step and almost leveled Manhattan before he was able to take another step he was returned back to banner form with a combination of stark satilites that were to be used to destroy Manhattan it the event that the city was taken over. The hulk took the whole blast and all it did was made him into Banner again. Hulks power is fueled by his rage so if Kid Flash was using his speed all that would've done is upset the hulk even more making him that much more powerful. People forget about his other abilities as well, he can heal quicker that wolverine when enraged, hes fast, i dont know where people get the idea that the hulk is slow? He also was strong enough in planet hulk to hold a planet together. This battle goes to WWHulk, if it were regular Hulk it would be interesting.

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Why isn't the Flash on this list? Barry Allens life is pretty bad, Mother gets killed, Dad gets blamed. Falls in love only to have her killed by someone who's sole purpose in life is to ruin anything that makes you happy.

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Wow I'm surpised not to see more for the Hulk? Banner sees his mother die as a child. He is mentally instable, he found the woman of his dreams and couldn't even have sex because he would kill her. He is hated (feared) by everyone and when he did find someone he could love she gets killed while pregnant with his child. Not to mention he has had to fight everyone!