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I liked those upgraded Droideka's, they were always the coolest of the Battle Droid types.

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They aren't gonna push Barry aside, at least not for more than a few months, he has a TV show coming up and he'll probably be Flash in the JL movie, DC would have to be majorly stupid to make Wally the main Flash again when all that other media stuff for Barry is coming up.

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Well the writers are fine but Ewwwwww Brett Booth.

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This book is pretty awesome usually.

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While Terry being Batman just 5 years into the future is weird I will be disappointed if its anyone in that suit but him. Terry IS Batman Beyond to me, the concept cannot be untied from him.

As long as 2.0 continues on of course, even if Nu52 Terry gets his own title eventually.

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This was posted on /co/ over a month ago by someone claiming to be a DC insider.

>There will be three new Justice League titles launching in April. The already announced JUSTICE LEAGUE CANADA will replace JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA thru August as a result of events in FOREVER EVIL. The others will spin out of FOREVER EVIL as well:

>OUTLAW JUSTICE. In this modern day western adventure series, superheroes have been outlawed in post-FOREVER EVIL America and the most wanted man in the country is Dick Grayson. He will lead an underground band of heroes operating behind enemy lines, hunted by both sides.

>YOUNG JUSTICE will focus on the lives and loves of the next generation of superheroes. This series will include THE NEW 52 debut of heroes like: Aqualad and Miss Martian.

>All of these series will be part of the build up to September 2014's big event: JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED, a 52-week long Justice League series, featuring heroes and villains from across time and space, led by Booster Gold and a popular returning hero not seen since THE NEW 52 started.

>Also debuting in April, THE ALL NEW NIGHTWING #30. Who is the mysterious new guardian of Gotham City? Not even Batman knows HER secrets.


Though I guess with the change in what they are doing with the Batman main title she'll be introduced a bit earlier. Or this is total bullshit and just a weird coencidence, I hope not though cause other than hero's being outlawed I like the sound of everything here.

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Huh, A new Female Nightwing, That's EXACTLY what a "Leak" from 4chan's /co/ detailed like a month ago, at the time I dismissed it as just someone spewing up stuff for laughs as "leaks" on /co/ usually are but I guess in this case it might of actually been an Insider.

o and if you are wondering the leak also says that Dick doesn't die and is in fact the star of a new team book but apparently as just Dick Grayson. And some other details on new books and character reintroductions.

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The Final showdown can STAR WARS manage to beat the Weisman curse? Will Greg Weisman finally produce a series that last more than 2 season!

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@The_Tree: This universes version of Mary and Freddy.

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I have more complaints as to how Green Beetle seemed to be underpowered for what he was rather than have them for Black Beetle being overpowered, as we saw someone fighting smart could make things difficult for him, like in the fight in True Colors and his fight against Artemis and M'gann posing as Deathstroke,