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oh I have no object to that part, it's just annoying that the good stuff's hidden unless you shell out.

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0_o I see, how annoying, shame the almighty dollar got in the way

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I would love have to gone but past reports have stated it gets more expensive each year to go. I'm also curious, nothing reported from G-Man or Babs on their whereabouts at NYCC, you would have thought one of them would have reported aye or nay on attendance.

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this topic comes up enough time that I'm tired of it.  If women want to get into DC or Marvel, then submit your work until you get in.  Same as any other business.   
A different question to post to that woman who kept bring that point up, does she read other graphic novels, manga or webcomics? Plenty of women drawing those.  Some I would say would rather be independent than drawing for the Big Two.  Selling your own drawings or books seems just as good deal as the attention received working for Marvel or DC.   So don't you dare cry sexism to me when I can point out other places women are drawing comics and selling just as well as men.  Good Day

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got it, thanks for the help

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not a fan of the Ultimate universe, can't find the answers for Cross the Line, any help here?

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trying to figure out the Earth of Kingdom Come, any help here? 

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I enjoyed the movie, how many different times have we had origin stories in the comics retold?  This was basically for the nonfans, a summer tent movie for people who don't have time to read comics.  Did it tell a good story, yes, was Blake whatever her name a good Carol Ferris? Honestly, pre Sapphire years, yes no, no fucking way, she's not strong enough to convince me she'll be a future Star Sapphire.  Reynolds are good as Hal Jordan, I don't know anyone else with enough snark plus the time or youth to do more GL movies.  
Personally, the next movie should bring in the Yellow Lantern Corps with hints of the other Lantern Corps, build that up, then you'll make some insane money off the casual fan.

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could use some hints for New Blood, not up to date with the X-Men comics to be honest

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Honestly I think the suit should be seen and used as a reward to the fans who stuck around for 10 years.  He wears it on other TV shows, animated movies, in the comics, why not here?  Yes the show is in its own universe but overall they wrote a great one and adding the suit would just be a change on how the public see him.  He also started wearing it because it's indestructible and can stand up to more wear and tear than normal clothes would.  

I've been watching since the beginning so for me, yes seeing the suit after so many other heroes on the show had costumes and names would be just and fair.