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I would like to start RPGing if I could get my jump here I think it would be great, story was intriguing, what would you want the other team members to be human or alien?

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Sinestro is easily more powerful than Mongol in terms of mastery over the rings, I really don't see Mongul beating Sinestro in a fight just because of how tactful, knowledgeable, and cunning he can be at times

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Gotta be the version that battles against Godzilla, he was brushing off a gamma like firebreath like it was nothing

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If this battle is happening on coruscant or any world where cyborg can easily dominate the technology spectrum with his ability to manipulate any computer system, although I give Nina credit for knowing how to assassinate, I think cyborg would handle this

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The only hero that would be able to stand a chance here would be Hercules, with a team backing him up they have enough raw power to down WWH 6/10 times. It's just at the height o WWH rage and how much he had lost in Planet Hulk, I could see him taking down this team