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So, I wanted to post today, but I ran out of time (It's late now, where I am). I'll post Monday; you have my full permission to give me purgatory if I don't.

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Finally back after camping, computer problems, and more. 
Who's planning to post next?

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Whoops, sorry folks, wrong Eenie Meenie miney mo Ooc thread (Can you believe there's more than one?)

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Maybe critiques would be better in a pm, if necessary. 
Who plans to post next?

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Hey all, sorry I've been AWOL. I haven't been feeling well, which makes it hard to think and concentrate. I'm now going camping (hope I feel well enough to do more than lie in the tent!) and should be an active part of the Comicvine community again starting Tuesday or Wednesday.

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OK if I post tomorrow? I can wait longer if I'm posting too much. (It's just so much fun!) :P

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Oh. LOL 
She's slow but she gets it.
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Gotta say, you'd almost think the writers were messing up the comic on purpose since Barry came back, trying to make sure everybody hates him for ruining things. Seems like they succeeded. Giving up the fight now, 'cause apparently I'm the only who ever liked Barry Allen (With the possible exception of GreenLantern555).

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@GreenLantern555 said:
I love that he is back. He represents the past. What people don't understand is  that, yes since Hal and Barry are back they get their titles back, but they themselves don't see themselves as the best. For our generation Kyle and Wally are Green Lantern (For some) and The Flash. IMO, after everything they did, they deserve their titles back. That doesn;t mean the others go away. I am upset, though, that Wally doesn't have his own titile right now. He may in the Revamp, but not now. Superman died. Doesn't mean he should say that way. And Spiderman is dying now, but he's not going to stay that way. I respect every generation of heroes. And I like how the old mixes with the new. 
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@DEGRAAF said:

I grew up with Wally as well and im used to them bringing characters back from the dead but Barry's resurrection seemed like the most push on fans resurrection i have ever read. They pushed forced Wally out and forced Barry in. The moment Flash Rebirth was over i even tried picking up The Flash comics still but it wasnt the same. It was boring and dry. I refuse to pick up the solo Flash again until i see Wally in it. It's not even that he was more powerful, it was a couple things for me  1.) we dont need two boyscouts (Superman and Barry)  2.) Wally was the heart and joy of the team. He was proud to be a hero and enjoy almost every minute of it.  3.) He learned more and gained more experience way beyond what Barry taught him. By the time Barry came back he was second fiddle to Wally  4.) I didnt know alot about Barry but all i ever heard about before and after his rebirth was about his mothers murder. He's more obsessed with losing one parent than Bruce was about losing both.  5.) he is so much more one dimensional than Wally. Wally showed his emotions better, he had a family and cared for and loved them more than anything.

I'm sure you're right that they pushed things, and that the comic was boring and dry afterward. I don't doubt that it could have been much better done. I'm just saying we all knew that Barry would eventually come back, and that he deserves a little credit. 
With point number three, you're definitely right. Barry taught Wally a lot, but he also learned an awful lot on his own.
 I also agree with point number five, to a certain extent. In the really old comics I read Barry came across as warm and caring, but I gather they don't write him that way any more. I think they could and should, though. 
I've got to say that I disagree with points one, two, and four. 
1: I know Superman has a reputation as a boyscout, but I don't think he deserves it. To be honest, I see him as kind of a jerk sometimes. Plus, IMHO, we can always use more boyscouts.
2: Once again, I've only read super old stuff, but Barry was also proud to be a hero and enjoyed every minute of it.
4: To me it seems kind of impossible to be more obsessed than Bruce. I'm just sayin'.
From what everyone is saying, though, I hate the direction they're taking Barry's character. I guess he just isn't what he used to be, which is really sad. The old Barry wouldn't have obsessed about his mom's murder, and that's just a start. Sounds like they've kind of wrecked him.