Moby's 2cent

Hey guys it's Moby coming at you throwing my voice; there are a ton of characters that I feel that the DC are over looking like Wally West (Flash), Wildcat and is it just me or does anyone else miss Cassandra Cain (Batgirl); but even though 52 is making a lot of changes I don't care for, I have to admit that I absolutely love what they have done to Aquaman; from joke to champ; I've always knew it could've been done how can you control 70% of the planet and not be one of the elite about time!!

Posted by Decoy Elite

Aquaman was cool before New 52. Plenty of people were aware of this.

Posted by Moby

Now that I think about it Aquaman was a average character with forgettable characters except Black Manta. The New 52 is making more relative and easier the audience to understand. Yeah he was cool but there was something missing; like Superman, Aquaman was a cool character but not one people could relate with. The 52 now seems more concerned with details of his history, powers and relationships. And if you believe different I'd like to see you name 10 of Aquaman's villains off the top of you head; nearly impossible. Good Luck