Places I've Been

   A compilation of where I have been so far in my short life     
1. Port of Spain 
born there and currently live there


beautiful, lovely beaches
3. Barbados 
beautiful, really fun place 
4. St.Vincent 
really lovely beaches 
6.New York 
greatest city ever built  

7.Washington D.C. 

9.Ft. Lauderdale  
   one of my favorite places
10. Atlanta 
other greatest city ever built 

one of my other favorite places  
12. Brussels  
13. Cologne  


14. Rotterdam   


15. Paris 
a city like no other 

16. Barcelona  
this is really probably my favorite place, great nightlife   

the eternal city, what more can I say
 18.Split - Croatia 
cute quaint seaside city tucked inbetween jaw dropping lucious green cliffs and sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic  
19,20,21. - Corfu, Mykonos, Katakolon/Olympia (Greece) 
really all charming in their own special way, especially Mykonos with its classic Greek houses, and beautiful mediterranean sea  

22. Athens  
What can I say, visiting the Acropolis was a wonderful experience, and that is not even a fraction of what Athens has to offer 

23. Venice   
Historic buildings, gondola rides, beautiful canals, lovely Italian music and food, what more can you ask for 

24. Innsbruck 
Beautiful ski city nesttled in the Alps 

really really cold, even in Summer, but otherwise beautiful city, great food too 
One of the most diverse, multicultural and wonderful cities I have seen in Europe 
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