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I enjoy DC

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Even without vertigo DC is still much much darker than Marvel. It has always been the case.

DC is definitely much darker than Marvel, especially if you count the Vertigo imprints. They made a story centered around the rape of a hero's wife. Thinking that only Batman stories are dark in DC is absolute idiocy.


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lol, gotta love how the same guy keeps bumping these topics "every few months" with flaming seriously...

@dwrathborne: Agreed. I do think Goro generally speaking is a much better fighter historically speaking then Logan no doubt, and like you said he killed the original kung lao who was earthrealm's best fighter and one of their best like ever. Then won for centuries until he fought liu kang who ironically is apart of the same white lotus shaolin monk society as current kung lao.

To me this depends, goro is very durable, powerful and a great fighter and has way more experience then wolverine.

Wolverine has the healing factor and claws, if anything the adamantium claws give him the killing edge here but without them i dont believe just the healing factor would guarantee a win over wolverine here.

So as far as a fight, experience etc-Goro

As far as abilities, durability-Wolverine

But in terms of fighting skill, goro will win.

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Nick Hero, On the contray, Raiden would kill Storm if he was serious you forget he can fly, teleport instantly, become pure energy, amp his power with lightning more then Storm can...heal himself and others, seriously, just don't speak of MK everytime you speak about MK I cringe...And I never said Raiden would "beat" Superman, I just said Raiden's magic would effect him...since you know Superman has two big weaknesses, Green K and magic. Look it up. Flash again, is faster then anyone but also a metahuman. Thor is just overrated flat out, people brag about him yet he gets hit in the face with his own hammer by Hulk lmao...some god.

Again, MK has no panels it's a VIDEO GAME series...duh, his feats MK 4 killing civilizations, defeating and banishing Shinnok, using time travel via messages, foreseeing things, flying Motaro through a huge, thick cement and metal bridge into water..electricuting several Lin Kuei warriors around Smoke at once...killed himself, Shang and Quan-Chi while reforming after that hence him being an immortal God. So yeah, Predator will die to put is bluntly...

Right, "mud doesn't mask body heat" just hides his presence near a Predator's vision thus totally eluding him. Also, I'd like to know if Predator is such a great hunter, keen on senses then how did he at least NOT smell him? lol so in other words you're denying the feat and calling it WIS? I see...even though it wasn't WIS but keep on trying to defend why Predator got owned by Arnold. I find it amusing.

You're bragging about GPA's now on a comicbook forum? Wow, you're special. Well, I passed school well, but if you're done going off topic again with petty insults yes? What does this have to do with the topic? This does not aid your argument at all.

lol doubtful. I'd wager they would think the polar opposite honestly. Hence my friends and followers surpassing yours on here.

The OP just stated Predator vs. Spiderman, meaning obviously while it's open to interpretation it's also cleary not a loaded Predator and even if he was, he'd still have trouble vs. Spiderman given his own enemies surpassing Predator.

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@ nick hero22, Not at all, just stating the truth given your patterns. You just admitted few posts ago "this topic was already done and it's not as onesided as people think"

Raiden is FAR higher then a high end street leveler but this statement alone proves you know nothing of MK, he doesn't fight half the time because he doesn't have to nor is allowed to, but could kill lots of people instantly if he went all out or tried including your Predator...but moving on. Storm is nothing but a mid tier mutant, Flash is faster then Raiden and everyone else for that matter, Superman is Superman but vulnerable to magic in case you're unaware(and I'm a BIG Superman fan even I know this) and Thor there's various versions but relies on Odin's toys and powers half the time, and needs a hammer to fly mind you. But moving on...

Oh you'd be surprised, well too bad nobody feels the same way you do concerning me. Not that I care anyway.

No, in fact given your reading comprehension and selective reading I'd wager I did better then you in school. Nobody has pointed out "my horrible grammar" as you say because A. My grammar isn't horrible and B. Nobody cares but YOU. Get a real argument.

You keep trying to lowball Dutch's feats and say "that was PIS or WIS" no, it happened lol. Just admit it, Predator's aren't nearly as powerful or smart as you hype them up to be. Period, and again entirely different topic from the one you linked.

As @optimuspalm pointed out that was entirely different case with different sets of surprise you ignored his post since he's 100% right.

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Exactly ^. Why would they reference Arnold's character if that wasn't canon? lol

@optimuspalm: Exactly, noticed he just ignored your post lol.

Nick_hero22, don't know what you're talking about but I don't even vote for every MK character to win unlike you to lose each time. Secondly, I'm not the one throwing tantrums or crying to mods to close topics I don't like, like you have a habit of doing. Secondly, all I have to do is bring up not just every past MK topic but every Predator topic which proves you think Predator can always win(ie Predator vs. Terminator TX, Pred vs. Spiderman, Pred vs. Batman, Pred vs. Jason etc) so don't even...

The person who pulls the fanboy card(this case you half the time) is indeed the fanboy. If you actually read those past topics I make solid cases as well as use canon feats, not to mention again I don't even assume Mk guys will win every time like you think. You however, don't even seem to know what's canon and not in Predator Universe.

Actually, there's nothing wrong with my sentence structure. I passed school, did my time. I suggest you stop going off topic to compensate for a lacking argument because nobody cares but you.

I'm taking nothing out of content, you are just in denial of canon, logical and valid feats. The predator killed everyone except the girl and Arnold, Arnold outsmarted and beat the Predator via little prep time combined with primitive weapons. You just don't admit this or try to lowball it. The same thing for Predators, where two guys actually I can think of the main guy at the end beating the Predator to death with a club he found as well as the asian guy who killed a predator with his sword, granted the predator also killed him but my point is the Predator isn't nearly as powerful as you make them out to be. Well, I don't agree with you saying "ie one shots other characters in other topics"you post in either so, touche.

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No, it's fact ;) let's be honest your predator pride is hurt or you feel insulted because so many in here disagree with you, others have said the same thing i've stated yet no surprise you address me lol. Now, now I know you're mad and all but hey sometimes you just have to admit it when your predator loses.

My sentence structure is fine, thank you. I aced English when I actually cared to impress and pass. This is a comic site/ forum, I can pinpoint every grammar error you've made if I really wanted but nobody cares therefore that has no relevance here. So, if you're done with the petty insults to compensate for your argument, shall we continue the discussion?

Ever watch predator 1 and predators? Arnold beat a predator with primitive, homemade weapons, bow & arrows, explosives, traps and mud lol. In predators, the main guy killed one with a stick/a club from the forest to death, finishing it off by decapitating it. Now ask yourself, would that really work against spiderman?

If you agree with me, then why are you even questioning me? lol

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@nick hero, its not gibberish its fact. Mayby if youd stop being a predator fanboy for two seconds and read the topic, you'd seewhy spiderman wins. He's beaten and faced far more stronger foes, then predator that's why and again humans have beaten predators with sticks and primitive weapons. That would fail badly against spiderman.

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pete one shots predator, predator gets beat by humans..