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damn, well ill report back to see if it worked

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o well, i was hoping that work, ill try to make a new account,is their anyway to transfer the amount of posts ive made to a new account (i doubt it but hey why not)

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 i was thinking because of the 500 style me dave message, i might need 500 posts before i can edit, has anyone edited their account before the made 500 posts?

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Anyways i dont think it is the browser, i used another computer which had internet explorer and it didnt work either, its really bugging me exspecially since it seems to work for everyone else

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I keep trying to edit my profile(creating a super persona etc) But after ive filled all the fields out, and pressed submit query, i keep getting sent to a page that says 500, style me dave.ive tried on multiple computers, and it still doesnt work. does anyone know whats going on and how to help me? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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I was looking for info on deadpools appearence in the wolverine movie. In the google search i found a result saying deadpool at comicvine, and it looked like it was set up like wikipedia, but since it was called comicvine i figured it would be more accurate when it came to comics so i clicked on it. I read the forums on the deadpool page and found out that what people were saying was interesting. On one post someone mentioned a thread belonged in the battle section, and i liked the idea of the thread so i checked for the battles section and read some of the posts and realized i had some opinions of my own on the subjects. So I joined up. This is only the second forum i joined,and the other one i didnt make any posts on. But im hooked to these forums

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no thoughts on this, hat throw vs sheild throw?

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Did someone say that because he can control water,aquaman can crush namor with water pressure, doesnt namor live in areas with high water pressure. I think killing namor with water is out of the question, but i do agree with the other points,the dehydrating hand is an advantage and aquaman is pretty strong and underated(though i think namor is stronger while aquaman is a faster swimmer) But namor is able to fly and that would help out a lot. I think this would be an excellent fight, but namor would most likely win. Plus i recently found out namor was created first, after a lifetime of thinking namor was a really cool knockoff of aquaman, it was the other way around( i guess thats what you get for dc putting more focus on aquaman than marvel does with namor)


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Random encounter shaolin temple, modern kung lao, rodgers cap, no bystanders
probably be my last mk battle for a while, unless i think of something for reptile or possibly ermac

Captain America

Kung Lao