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Speaking of the Inhumans, I have always found Black Bolt to be interesting (I've only read him in The Illuminati, New Avengers and any crossovers)but I've never read any of the stories and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions of a good story revolving around black Bolt?

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@g_man: Thanks for still putting time in to do "The Best Stuff in Comics", despite your busy schedule!!!!

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I know that Magneto is not truly considered a "good guy" and he works for his own motives, but is this the final push to label him as a bad guy again. I honestly hope not as I've enjoyed his perspective and insight as he often clashes with Scott.

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They should make the lettering of the cover shiny and raised

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I thought Wolverine and the X-Men was absolutely terrible. I didn't find any of the new characters exciting and the stories never built to anything.

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I would like it if it was like the world cup. Have it every four years, and over that time while the comics grow an amazing creative team can link all of the different stories. You can have mini crossovers over those four years like the xmen battle of the atom or something. I don't know four years might be a little too long, but right now the crossovers are very tiring in my opinion.

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Not buying many but Marvel outdid themselves this week when it came to covers

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I have been loving the New Avengers title, although I do really miss Professor X being in it but, in my opinion Beast and Professor X have many similar viewpoints so it works. I hope this does not mean the end of the New Avengers focus on the Illuminati. I'm getting so sick of these revamps. Even though it does make it easier for new readers to get on board I find it dissatisfying to have to have a new story and read another story about how a team/character came to be. Nonetheless this arc does sound very exciting!

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