Opinions of Marvel Unlimited?

I was thinking about purchasing Marvel Unlimited. Right now I do not have an IPad, so I was wondering if people think it is worth purchasing if I can only read the issues on a computer? Lastly, is it possible to view the digital library before purchasing the subscription?


Professor X back?

Do you think Charles Xavier is somehow going to be brought back to life?

After I read the new Uncanny Avengers #1 the end showed the Red Skull (who I thought was dead) stealing Professor's X brain. I have a feeling he is somehow going to be brought back to life. While I was upset that he was killed, it is more upsetting for comic book characters "dying" and some how coming back to life. I know this is a common topic about characters dying and coming back to life, but I was interested if anybody else thinks he will be back in the marvel universe.

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