Nightwing's Flings

All the women who have had at one time or another had a romantic relationship with Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing

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Posted by IsabellaRoth

He also had a brief romance with Raven...=D

Posted by arrowfan237

Will he ever settle down. They should do a fight between Oracle and Starfire for his heart. Nice list though.
Posted by IsabellaRoth
@arrowfan237: It isnt important a fight...Oracle is pretty and intelligent..I cant imagine a Batman with an orange and full green eyed Allien...she is too naive... 
My stereotype of girlfriend for a Batman is Talia or Catwoman.. 
But Batgirl or Oracle is just OK.. 
Or just Dick as a single guy..mmm..That would be nice...
Posted by arrowfan237
True but you got to admit, that would be a hell of a fight if they did that. But I agree that he does deserve to be with Oracle, you would have to be blind not to see the signs.
Posted by arrowfan237

Actually Nightwing never loved Batgirl, he was more annoyed by her. What about Batwoman?
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i think starfire is the best becus well shes hot andis genrally awesome

Posted by vasglorious

Wait Dick Grayson got raped... By a woman?

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did d donna troy have a thing as well.