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A great collection of stories 0

Green Lantern: Secret 2814 is a book I recently decided to pick up (being a big GL fan). It looks great, especially given how grainy the original comics look (and I do own the original issues that this comic collects). It makes me think these comics were made in the 90’s.Collecting issues 172-176 and 178-181, it tells the story of Hal Jordan’s return to earth after having been exiled for a year due to his carelessness. His reunion with his friends (Carol, Tom etc.), and what happens while he’s ...

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Grounded is a little Grounded 0

For this issue's summary saying that there was some Horrible secret awaited to be discovered, this so called Horrible secret wasn't so horrible in my opinion. I must say the last few issue of Superman, have (In my Opinion) been a little on the mixed side. I wasn't thrilled with the idea Straczynki was putting foward, and even though he's not writing the book anymore, his main idea for grounded is still there. What I liked: It was an interesting premise to have Superman save people's job, rather ...

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A fun romp 0

 It's christmas time and what better way to celebrate it, than a christmas special featuring Larfleeze. What I liked: I thought this was a fairly funny read. I did like the idea of Santa Clause not actually appearing there, and Hal telling Larfleeze that christmas isn't just about Santa Clause, and other stuff. I thought the art by Brett Booth was nice and appealing.  Glomulus is becoming a perfect sidekick to Larfleeze I might add too. What I disliked: The ending really leaves me thinking abo...

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Great stuff! 0

Emerald Warriors after only five issues is so far a great series. Peter J. Tomasi may not write Kilowog the best, but I love his characteristic of guy. What I liked: The writing was and art were very good, and I liked the whole thing involving the mind controlled green lanterns. I thought that Kilowog's expression, after learning that all of the green lanterns had died was spot on. I liked finding out more about the secret pack between Guy, Ganthet and Atrocitus. The whole glimpse of future with...

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Fun with Barallax 0

I thought this was an okay issue. I must admit that Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern is really starting to run thin for me, and I would really like it if another writer took over for him, but that's besides the point. What's the good: Doug Mahnke's art is definitly showing some improvement. I thought the fight between Hal and Barallax (Barry Allen possessed by Parallax) was good, and there definitly was some strong dialogue there. I also liked the fact that we finally got to see who the hoodless...

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Great issue 0

The Green Lantern Corps goes up against the weaponer!  What I liked: I thought this was a fairly entertaining read. The green lantern corps is a great series, and it just seems to be getting better with every issue. This proved that indefinitly. Tyler Kirkham's art is very good, and I liked the fact that the Weaponer is disliked by not just the green lantern corps, but the qwardians themselves, it was a interesting turn of events. There was also an awesome scene with Hannu. I won't give away too...

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