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I like John's first appearance, but I'm glad writers built on his character so he didn't just turn into a sterotypcial angry black man. He went through a lot of change and that definitely made interesting and better as a character.

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Nice! This is going to be a interesting month for the character of the month. I'm a big fan of John Stewart (I'm a big fan of GL in general), so him being the character of the month is nice to know.

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"Kyle is a pretty awesome guy and great boyfriend for Carol Ferris".

This has to be a joke right? Most GL fans weren't worried about Hal's reaction to the relationship, because most fans hated the relationship in the first place. In fact one could argue that GL: New Guardians sales falling harder than Red Lanterns for a while was because of the Kyle / Carol relationship and how poorly developed and forced it was. It scared off fans, and for good reason.

What an awful issue. Somehow they were able to top the lameness that was GL Annual 2. Plot points galore and storytelling problems ahoy, and look-e another villain for the GL's and DC universe to face. Wonderful!

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This story is coming from a guy (Venditti)) who has never read a Green Lantern comic in his life prior and uses the movie as his source of information. Yikes!

As a huge GL fan, it pains me to say this, but I'm officially giving up on Green Lantern, at this point I don't want to continue reading what might just be the worst run of Green Lantern I've ever read. It also doesn't help that GLC and RL are being cancelled.

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Only one? Not at all. Most people hate the relationship between the two for being poorly developed, coming out of nowhere and making no sense from a story perspective.

In other words, yeah Kyle and Carol sucks.

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To be fair about the Wonder Woman movie. It's already well known the people at DC themselves have no say in their movies and those executives at Warner Brothers have all the say. They don't have any faith in in a Wonder Woman movie, female-led movies or DC properties outside of the big two sadly. They also don't seem to have any respect for the source material, which doesn't help things.

In short DC will never the same success as Marvel on the big screen, as long as WB doesn't have more faith in the DC properties they own.

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Sony is just building a bigger and bigger hole for Spider-Man that they can't get out of. If they go along with the reboot rumors, its only going to make things worse.

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I think the fact they registered domains for Shazam, Wonder Woman and Aquaman in 2000 and did nothing with them for years, shows how much they actually care about their non Batman / Superman properties.

I'm not gonna get super excited, though an Aquaman could be badass, but I expect it to be "meh" currently.

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I liked it. Thought that Peter and Gwen had great chemistry (I'll admit the ending did get to me, but I expected it). Peter's character arc was well done. I thought Electro was alright, and I thought that Harry as The Green Goblin was done well, even if Norman Osbourne was wasted (thankfully he'll appear in the sequels).

I do agree though, that the film was a little overcrowded. Sony was obliviously trying to push all those characters in there so they promote the proposed Sinister Six movie that their trying to make. Also the film was CGI overkill, something that I'm not a fan of.