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@JediXMan: Amen to that!! 
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hehe you're welcome !

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@Timandm said:

@MisterStrange: As far as I know, he still is not the Sorcerer Supreme although he is in possession of all the toys that come with the position... After Dr. Voodoo died, the eye and cloak just sort of 'went to Dr. Strange.'

But, it does make sense for him to become the Sorcerer Supreme again...

Actually the cloak and the eye kinda disappeared after Voodoo's death, and the Ancient one gave them back to Strange in New Avengers #34 naming him Sorcerer Supreme again.. but what you said seems logical as well.. hence the confusion :p 
 @chocobojam said:

I just think that magic is really hard to write because magic is so broad and it has so many possibilities. maybe they just dont want to make doctor strange to become too much powerful.

You have a point here.. when Strange was too much powerful in the past it resulted in him not being able to take part in battles, like the Civil War ;)  
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Yeah i agree. as long as Strange got his full power back though.. he's such an old character i don't like him being all powerless! 
But with his movie officially announced there might be a reason he returned to his supreme status

Thanks! :)

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Hey guys! 
I'm greek and i'm new here so forgive any spelling mistakes or context errors :p 
So I was wondering.. Doctor Strange is sorcerer supreme again, right?  
But what does that really mean? He got back his cloak of levitation and the eye of agamotto.. but how much of his own mystical power is trully recovered? 
His confidence has been down ever since the M-day and his hands got crushed by world war Hulk.. Magik even beat him with a trick in AvsX.. so it seemed that modern Strange was not much of a superhero.. 
But in New Avengers #34 he managed to defend himself from all kinds of attacks from the possessed avengers, even those of Thor and Red Hulk.. 
So what do you think? 
Do we have the good old all powerful Doctor Strange back?!  
I guess we are about to witness his current skills in New Avengers upcoming issues :)