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I was enjoying the new comics right up until this one. I don't understand how Thor can just hand over his name like that. His NAME. All because he's unworthy of Mjolnir?

After that panel I just want this "new Thor" business to quickly fizzle out and for Odin to remove the enchantments on the hammer so no one else can wield but himself and Thor.

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I don't think it's anyone from Asgard or any of the other realms aside from Earth. I noticed that when she speaks, it's the same font as the Asgardians and basically anyone not of Earth. But when she thinks, the font in the thought bubbles are completely different as if there's no accent there. I think she's just pretending to have an accent.

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I'm not surprised. DC butchered their entire line with the New 52 and now this with Marvel? The MCU is it's own separate continuity and thus should stay that way. I can't even blame Scarlet Witch for this one, the writer and company are just idiots.

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@limitlesspower: omg same here. That wig is terrible. I don't understand why they keep getting shorter and shorter. I want the long wig from x1 or the white/black due from x3


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In all honesty, this isn't even a fair fight. DC characters are overpowered out the @$$. But Thor would definitely last quite a bit against her, he took a beating from both Hulk and the Kursed guy and if his lightening truly is magic-based...doesn't that count as a weakness? Isn't Supes supposed to be weak against magic? Or I guess that doesn't count since this is movie and not comic. I

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I just find it funny no one liked the little poop when he first arrived, now everyone's in near tears. I couldn't stand him when he first arrived and still don't now. Sorry, just a matter of opinion (though the only good thing that came from Damian's introduction was Tim being promoted to Red Robin (PRE-REBOOT! This new Red Robin is a JOKE!) But I have to admit, bringing in a new Robin would be an insult. So yeah...keep the little runt dead. This is why kids shouldn't be sidekicks. Didn't they make that point back when they killed Bucky Barnes off?

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@Master_Thief said:

Every woman logan has been with is dead........ whatever happened to that news reporter he went out with??????

Right. I'm wondering the same thing

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I'm glad that Jaime Reyes, Cassie Sandsmark and Beast Boy are showing up, and if it's true about Static that would be awesome. But I still wanna see Cyborg.

But I'm tired of DC always amalgamating Tim's character with other Robins; first it was Jason in TNBA (The New Batman Adventures), and now it's both Damian Wayne in Arkham City and Dick Grayson in Young Justice. I thought for a split second the guy in one of the previews without the cape and fighting with the staff might have been Tim, but now I'm sure it's just some variation of one of Dick's new suits. So lame.

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YES! DARN IT, YES! I want to see Tim, Jason, and Dick all coming together for some sort of big investigation. I want Cassandra Cain back!

And Alex and friends from I, Vampire are traveling to Gotham, but will we really see any interaction between them and any of the capes there?

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Was he wearing Tim's old Robin costume lol? The body suit bared a very close resemblance to me.