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i give it to DD.

His fight with Bruiser in Waid's run sort of convinced me of his uncanny ability to find a chink in the armor, and the tube gushing loud liquid into his spine is a far more noticeable flaw than some creaky joints.

It would likely be a hard fought victory, Bane is no slouch... But I think DD scrapes by with this

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Man... Guardians and Cap cleaning house.

Still need to see Apes, but I agree with a lot of these wins. Marvel just nailed it this year, IMO.

I really agree with the Cap and X men winning best fights. Cap takes the edge because some of the action scenes in X Men were just "PEW PEW PARTICLE EFFECTS! STANDING POSE PEW PEW PEW!"...

But those Mystique fight scenes were awesome. Magneto had an amazing presence, and Wolverine tearing into those guys in the hotel room? Gnarly.

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1) Flash


3) John Constantine, but was really torn between him and Barry Allen.

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I still haven't gotten around to seeing apes, sadly, so I can't give it any votes. Sorry apes fans

Guardians and Cap are cleaning house here. Both were excellent. Between those and big hero 6, marvel really impressed this year

X men was no slouch, but had some little things that I wish were different

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@fil123: congratulations on being "that guy".

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Jrjr's are on superman is awful, blocky and stiff... And man Ulysses is a really hideous character design

Anybody else see his hair and think of Jessie from the pokemon cartoon?

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I'm torn. I grew up with Wally. I loved everything he brought to the table. I love how he knew he had a legacy to uphold, loved his new power usage (carrying buses in his wake to hit people with? Destabilizing molecules until they explode? Sign me up).

But after the new 52, where Barry took on some of Wally's powers and character traits... I really like Barry now. The issue where he lost his powers and used the rogues weapons to take out a bunch of dudes? Awesome

But I'm going with Wally because nostalgia

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Big fan of the original strip, bigger fan of the amazing animated film and capcom game

Will get this.

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I go with option C: Silver Surfer!

But since there is no C, I go with Spider Man.

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@zeeguy91: It's not that he can't, but changing the core of the character to something completely different sort of necessitates a change to the rogues he has been building. Particularly now if he's a sneaky gunslinger.

Sure he COULD still be fighting the same guys, but I'm willing to hazard a blind guess and assume they're going to shoot for espionage/political thriller stuff instead of super heroics.

Anyway, goes without saying I'm not thrilled at the decision.

Also I'm gonna say that outing Dick is almost as weak as killing Sue Dibny. Out a character that REALLY matters and focus your story on the ramifications of that. I thought the outing of Spider-Man was way compelling, and put him through a whole new set of drama that shook the core of the character and kept him fresh. Reversing that was an awful decision, IMO.