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Does anyone know the reason for Marvel not offering their entire digital library as part of their Unlimited service? I'm not talking about 6 months of their most recent offerings, I'm talking about issues that are a couple years old that you can buy digitally but aren't offered through Unlimited.

I'm reading through War of Kings and most everything is offered on Unlimited, but the Darkhawk tie-ins are not. I don't feel like I should have to buy them if I'm already subscribed to Unlimited. Thoughts?

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The whole heroes not killing thing is so stupid. It's just a contrivance so that the same villains can just be used over and over and over and over and over again.

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Possession is stupid. It's just a cop out to have characters do bad things without being "bad". I don't see why heroes can't have weaknesses of character that causes them to make bad decisions. Cough Parallax. Cough.

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When it comes to Superman and Batman, I think that while Superman is really intelligent, he doesn't have the gift for lateral thinking and ingenuity that Batman has. Also, Batman is a stone-cold mother fucker and his mind just goes about things in ways that Superman would never even consider. Conversely, I'm sure Superman could develop technologies that Batman could never make.

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@Green Skin said:
Djarum Blacks on occasion. 
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It'd be nice to see what happens with The Weaponer as a recent addition of the Sinestro Corps and how he reacts to this. Also, it will be interesting to see how the rest of the GLs react to Sinestro considering that he was responsible for murdering a great number of them in the Sinestro Corps war. Also looking forward to seeing his interaction with his daughter. I wonder if he's going to care at all about redeeming himself. I'd rather see him not give a damn, but simply kick so much ass that everyone has to respect him.

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Darwyn Cooke is awesome.

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On the latest Tested podcast. Will stated that THE best way to get shows off the internet is to get them via a torrent. The comic industry needs to set up a service that delivers a better experience than the torrents do.  
I used to pirate video games. Yes, it was because I was in middle school and had no money. However, once Steam came into being, there was a platform that was superior to the free alternative. Games came periodically in stupidly cheap priced sales, updated automatically, had built in social networking, chat, voice chat, etc. Simply put, getting games for free became a worse experience than paying for the games through Steam. 
I propose that a third party (hell, it could be Valve) creates a platform that makes getting comics easy, and cheap. Have sales that put bulk back issues on sale (Wonder Woman 200-240 for 10 bucks or something) to generate interest in current story arcs. That kind of jazz. 
Also, it doesn't help that I see absolutely no advertising for comic books anywhere.

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They could try spending some of their budget advertising books instead of the movies.

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Marcus Nispel only makes shitty movies. I love Jason Momoa, so it's too bad that this movie probably won't be that great. However, if it's good, I'll be pleasantly surprised.