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thermal resistance
water attacks
cloud manipulation
power distribution
temporal presence
primordial dragon physiology
elemental platform creation
animal exoskeleton
energy infusion
dimensiokinetic combat

The water and cloud things would be pretty useless beyond distracting him. The thermal resistance would probably help me take a hit or two from him. The power distribution would be my ace in the whole, as I'd be able to take his best powers and give him my worst. Temporal presence gives me the ability to fight him on his worst day or give me an unlimited amount of tries until I win. My dragon physiology means I could go to e to toe with him like a bad godzilla movie. The elemental platform thing would probably just serve as a distraction and help me get around faster. I could block a couple blows with all the animals I could absorb into a shield. Energy infusion would help me be able to slice through his armor. The dimensiokinetic combat is another op power that wouldn't let him hit me. I could send him to the other side of the universe if things start to go badly or even throw his own crap right back at him. I have more than a good chance at taking him down, but he's still a powerful sumb**** so it could go badly for me.

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@kcjr said:

Best big cosmic story ever. But be sure to buy the Silver Surfer and Thanos quest comics leading in to it.

One of my favorites. The part where the hero's try to take the gauntlet from him is brutal and awesome.

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Mr. Sinister
Goblin Queen

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Wolverine guts them both after a very long fist/knife fight and has a beer with Riddick.

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better make sure you're worthy enough to use the hammer first.

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can't wait for the governor to crash their party.

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Excellent match-up. Leaning towards Daredevil. Seems like he could take more of a punch or two than Grayson.

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When in the late 90's, Jean and Professor X tricked the X-men into splitting up against each other; one side thinking Professor x was turning back into Onslaught, and the other thinking Jean was going Dark Phoenix again. A brutal battle to the death ensued, leaving Kitty and Gambit the only survivors on each side left to be destroyed by the perceived Onslaught and Phoenix. Of course it was all a cop-out illusion, and kind of messed up on the part of Jean and the Professor, but it was still awesome to see the team have a fatal, ideological showdown.

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terry mcginnis

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wish there was tag team multiplayer like mortal kombat. surprised flash beat joker in a popularity contest.