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God Bless Johns for this, Nocenti is doing her best to completely destroy Selina and in one single issue Geoff has brought her back to form.

When Steve Trevor needs a counter to batman he picks catwoman... fan boy levels at 10000%

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@Mr_Athrilla said:


How about they make a good movie first? Then we see it,Then the sequel will happen. But we the fans will not support a terrible franchise because it has the Superman name on it.

And the reason DC doesn't have a lot of movies out is because DC is terrible at marketing, and the people that direct these projects don't understand the characters. (see Wonder Woman pilot, Green Lantern, and Johna Hex)


I'm not expecting much with this movie, cautiously pessimistic about the whole JL franchise, if this movie doesn't get incredible reviews and make tons of cash for WB I think they might scrap the JL movie, because if you can't get people excited for Superman then your not going to be able to for the Flash

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It still seems pathetic compared to DC (not a fan boy comment simply an observation)

Im new to Marvel (well technically have only recently started reading it since being a kid) and have never heard of Misty Knight but is she supposed to be the embodiment of blaxploitation?

Captain Marvel has been an amazing comic so far and I'm looking forward to the new arc starting and the first issue of Red Hulk was good. If fearless defenders is better then World's Finest (aka having a plot, well written characters and avoids the shameless fan service) I would consider checking it out.

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@blur1528 said:

I can not WAIT for his new series.

I will say though that I think he should go with a new team name. X men im sure does have a good name to mutants and humans alike, and with his new group which some would say is akin to terrorists that's going to hurt what could and still should be the worlds preeminent mutant team for the protection of both human and homo superior.

His crimes?????

You mean making the world a paradise without nuclear weapons and sentinels? While Cap went "hurp de durp fight the x men im cap AMURICA, poke em with teh stick i so smart" even though all they were doing was making a world where the avengers didn't need to exist.

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@Crash_Recovery said:

The title doesn't necessairly imply that anyone dies, it's more suggestive of the concept of the Bat Family dying.

The Joker's speech in ish #13 said as much. He thinks Batman's family, squad, support mechanism, whatever, has made for a weaker Batman.

Even if no one dies, the idea (for the Joker) is to dissolve Batman's family.

I think the Joker's plan would be to actually kill then bat family off, but I agree I think the overall idea is that by the end of this the Bat family will be all but dissolved. Which should really be great material for Snyder to work with

I just REALLY hope Alfred doesn't die

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@Dernman said:

I'm ok with it and looking forward to a new direction. Maybe now there wont be so many problems with the current Superman because they don't know whats going on with Morrison.

Or it will hurt Action Comics, Morrison was able to get away with it since... well I can only imagine DC is afraid of him. DC editorial might be on the new writer hard now.

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Batman and all new x men alone make me excited for this week. Thor and FF getting a very hesitant first issue read for me. Still debating on phantom stranger 2, I can't stand Didio's writing but Im feeling trapped to read it because of Pandora.

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@cyberchop979 said:

James jr has had a minor role in the new 52 Batgirl, if memory serves. I believe he has been either dating or getting to know Bab's roommate, Alysia Yeoh, in 3 or 4 issues of the current run.

Babs should do her homework.

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Awesome, really happy to see Midnighter and Apollo getting some attention in this, go DC.

Though after last weeks stormwatch.... hmmm maybe this will be them making up.

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My question to Wally West fans who have been asking about him this past year, if he is the reverse flash what are your thoughts? Instant rage or cautious optimism that you'd actually get your character back? Given the new character introduced recently, Daniel West i want to say i think wally is gone for good and DC is creating an all new nephew for iris who might wind up becoming a speedster in the aftermath of the gorilla invasion.