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Batman Beyond is underrated i think. People just don't like the idea of Batman NOT being Bruce Wayne. (except for Nightwing haha) But if you actually sit down and watch it, it's really entertaining and has some pretty cool villains/storylines. Plus, Return of the Joker is still one of the best Batman movies to date.

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Joker- "Everybody loves a clown" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys 

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I don't think Harley is essential. Sure, she's fun, but the Joker is such a strong character that he doesn't need any sort of sidekick.

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So, most of you have probably already seen Catwoman's suit in TDKR. And if not, here it is. Also, a comparison to the comic version.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
So, what do you guys think of it? Personally, i think it just looks bad. Sure, she's dressed in black, but that's the only thing Catwoman-like about her. Where's the pointy eared head-piece? And why is she on a Bat-Pod? I don't know...Nolan has always strayed pretty far from the classic character outfits, but this is just too far. So again, what do you guys think?

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 ok, that's the one i meant.

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The one at the graveyard and when he's an army guy look so flippin sweet

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@Zachattack1239:  I didn't think Terrance Howard was the best choice but he was at least better than Don Cheadle
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I'd like to hear your opinions on this. On the night his parents were shot, did Bruce's sanity go out the window? It seems like most people would grieve, then move on after a death. But for some reason, Bruce feels the need to avenge them. Has all the stress and other psychos in his life made him as crazy as the villains he fights? Sound off.

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Hulkbuster would be visually crazy to see on screen. I think it's the perfect oppurtunity to debut it, what with them fighting the Hulk and all. I hope Tony sports at least one new armor we haven't seen...maybe a small glimpse of the Stealth armor? But i think the Hulkbuster would make for some awesome fights, and would please alot of fans.