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A Positive Mental Attitude is Essential 6

I thought I'd read the first issue of Deadly Class before, except in my memory, it was the first couple of issues of Valiant's Harbinger relaunch. Marcus is running from memories of a childhood buried beneath tragedy, and fleeing from the consequences of another trauma, one for which he was the architect. And then, just a few months after his fourteenth birthday, Saya jets into his life on a crotch-rocket and turns his already upside down life over again. The enigmatic Asian benefactor in the sh...

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I sentence you to Death Sentence # 2 1

Yesterday was extremely productive for me: I went to work, picked up a book I needed to study for the comprehensive exam I have to take in March, found a teaching opportunity to apply for, submitted my application for the University of Cincinnati, and best of all, finally got the second printing of Death Sentence #2 - Forever Fucked? from my friendly neighborhood comic store. If you didn't pick up the first issue, Death Sentence follows three characters who are afflicted with G-Plus, an STD that...

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We'll See 1

I give every new title three issues before I make the decision whether to pull or not to pull. "Picky Sicky" left me on the fence. As a satirical story removed from continuity, I enjoyed Harley's well-written quest to find a new artist (that she's not looking for a new writer seems appropriate for a character, who, since becoming part of the New 52, has appealed to superficial desires). It was fun. However, I also felt a little bit of dread. Is this metafictional erosion of the fourth wall, a la...

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Rocket Girl Arrested Me, but There is No Cuff-Chafing 1

From the peeps who drug out Halloween Eve and comes DaYoung Johansson, the titular character. In this debut issue we are introduced to DaYoung, a 15-year old time traveling cop with a jetpack, who has returned to 1986 to prevent worldwide catastrophe from the recently activated Q-Engine. That's all you get for story. Writer Brandon Montclare has created a first-person narrative that effectively uses flashback/-forward in a manner that does not pull the reader out of the story,...

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Someone give Dark Horse extra oats 1

This is not a review of the story, for this is a reprint of Star Wars Star Wars #1 - In the Shadow of Yavin, Part One of Three. The # 1 for $1 is a fantastic way to attract new readers to Dark Horse, and the inclusion of the new Woods, D'Anda, and Eltaeb series makes it even more brilliant. In the past year, Dark Horse creators have been reinvigorating storytelling in the SW universe, and even more innovations are yet to come, like The Star Wars, adapting George Lucas' original draft of the fil...

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