Trade Paperbacks Not Published by Marvel or DC Recommended for Discerning Readers

Herein are some recommendations for anyone who: a) values the opinion of a complete stranger, and b) is in the market for good storytelling. Most of these are not for younger readers. Nonetheless, if you pick these up, I guarantee you won't regret it... unless you blew your rent money on comics, and then you might.

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Edited by BumpyBoo

So glad to see Pride of Baghdad here, that book is stunning.
Concrete looks interesting. Gonna have to investigate that one ^_^

Posted by MisterAnderson

@bumpyboo: I simultaneously love and hate Pride of Baghdad. It's a beautiful story, and I love that the art works together with Vaughn's words to move me, but when I remember that it's a true story, I get a little angry about how it ends.

Posted by BumpyBoo

@misteranderson: I agree, it is a very bittersweet journey. Felt the same way reading Persepolis too. Equal parts awe and frustration.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Have read Pride, gonna start on SAGA soon, I liked Manhattan Projects vol. 1 (But not the second one as much. Same for rest of the storyline, I´m guessing, because I don`t seem to like Hickmans overall stories) and I`ve read the Death-stories in separate editions.

Others I`ve already found out about, or are completely new to me. Will check `em out eventually.

Posted by Samimista

Hope to read Milligan and McCarthy soon! Haven't read Umbrella Academy but heard of it only recently. =O Love The Maxx as well!