Missouri, the Mighty Marvel Way

As a native of Missouri, I wanted to pay homage to the Show-Me State with a list of Marvel characters and creators from this hive of scum and villainy. I was surprised at some of the legendary names that were born here, like Roy Thomas and Steve Gerber. Ahem! Sorry for the spoilers. Read on, and try not to think about Missouri's mediocre sportsball teams or that Rush Limbaugh and Harry Truman called the state home (unless you're fans). Don't be surprised at the small number of characters; Missouri didn't even rate a team during the Fifty State Initiative. If you think of or no of any other Marvel Missourians, feel free to suggest them.

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You're just jealous that your mutant power is sucking all the life out of a party. (I hope you know I'm kidding. I love you. lol)

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Cool idea for a list.

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Oh wow Dennis O' Neil! =O Now that's awesome. 0.0 How have you been mate? =D

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What does the acronym stand for? YOU tell me.

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@squares: Thanks! And I was completely sober!

@samimista I lost the flash drive with my wedding guest list on it, so I have to compile all that info this weekend so Fiance Knowles doesn't cut off my man-parts. Otherwise, thrilled.

@kfhrfdu_89_76k COOL is the acronym for some crappy SHIELD-knock off: "Covert Operatives Over Lithuania." lol

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@misteranderson: Oh noes! D= Then you'd be Misses Anderson as well! 0.0 Maybe the raccoons stole your flash drive! =O The whole site of ComicVine will be invading your wedding!

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Missouri, huh? Interesting.

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Come up with somethin` better. Or else...


No, Sami. He`d be a man without balls.

This has been Kfh the killjoy.

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@lykopis: YOU'RE interesting. Take that.

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You take that back...you take that right back! **eyes well up**