10 Marvel Characters More Interesting Than Moon Knight

This here's Uatu the Watcher, y'all, comin' to you live from the MTV Spring Break House here on the Blue Area of the Moon! Today for our TLC Countdown, we gonna look at twenty Marvel Universe characters who are NOT Batman with split personalities or Mark Millar's Nemesis with a (slightly) better moral compass. Y'all, enjoy now, an' maybe Uncle Uatu will spoil you with a live performance by punk sensation Mildred Horowitz here in the Spring Break House!

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You pissed me off bud. PISSED. ME. OFF.

Which is funny, considering that I haven`t read a single story having Moon knight in a prominent role. I like the concepts about him, though.

But anyway, instead of permanently cutting the strands of our internet relationship (that has the traditional "will they, wont they?"-story element to it), I`ll point out that I`d want series of all the interesting characters. Not just from MARVEL, of course.

I`ll also point out that Warren Ellis writes it, and a fantastic artist illustrates it. That`s why it needs to exist.

A-team idea intrigues me...Make that story and publish it online, and note that MARVEL owns everything, and you`ll get no money out of it!


It would be good though you don`t like MK.

I guess...Might be wrong...You`d probably have him fight against a meat grinder robot and lose...

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Ohhhh a low-blow to Moon Knight. I never anything involving moon knight, but I;m excited for his new series. He seems like an interesting character

Posted by cosmicallyaware1

Hilarious list! Sense a disliking of marc spector here....to each his own I guess!

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

How I hate and love you...

Posted by MisterAnderson
Posted by lykopis

Fallen Angels.

Omigod, dude. You have mini explosions sparking off in my brain, telling me I know about this team -- as in, have read this series and yes, because of their existence in a dingy box I found in a basement so long ago.

Now, I must locate it. You are becoming a hazard to my free time, what little there is of it.

Posted by MisterAnderson

@lykopis: Are mini-explosions good, or are you also pissed? =)

Posted by lykopis

Put it this way. If I don't find these issues, I will hunt you down and gut you like a pig. :)

Posted by MisterAnderson